A warning


(By Katrina Stuart Santiago, Opinion, December 19, 2013)
I like the “the kids” from communication office…but of course they are part of this student council right? and to think they don’t like being criticized as if they have graduated from being student council…
Eolino, eolino20@yahoo.com

For government representatives to say that inquiring journalists “had it coming” is the height of arrogance and callousness. True journalists report the facts and inform the general public so that they know what is going on. If they ruffle some feathers of those in power, then they are doing their job in informing the citizens.
Mike, KennedyMike250@gmail.com

Right on…this is everyone’s experience having posted any anti-Aquino comments anywhere…you will be swamped with derogatory and insulting rebuffs… I just don’t read them…
Ramon, ngramonc8@yahoo.com


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