A waste of service


That the military will soon dismiss an erring soldier recently freed by NPAs held after some time in captivity by the group, because of links to illegal drugs, is but appropriate. In Bacolod, 3 policemen are also being investigated for allegedly receiving bribes from local drug financiers.

Their discharge soon from military and police service after having been proven guilty of the charges, serves as a lesson to those who will be tempted to engage in illegal activities. Soldiers and police took their oath as public servants and committed themselves to their role as legal authorities in society. Their task is to do good at all times.

It is no reason for these men to say they have financial difficulties hence forced to engage in such activities. But the word forced, if coming from them is unreasonable for they are the ones who control themselves and have no one to blame but their own selves.

The military and police organization must be swift in handling these cases to avoid doubts of whitewash and coddling of members. These soldiers and policemen who are guilty of a wrongdoing do not deserve a place in public service. Their places are in jail and they must serve their sentence for doing crimes while wearing their uniforms. Such a waste.

Bro. Enmar Opulencia
Lord of Kingdom Ministry
Camarin, Novaliches


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  1. Mang Karpio on

    Bro – we must generalize this statement that everyone in uniform or holy cloth do such heinous crimes for they feel they are beyond the law or the sector they represent. Why – because we listen to their fabled lies. We must think that the individual was not born evil but evil took it’s place with they come to the realm of life. Life is vicious after all we only live one time with the promise of some religion of an after life. By the way scietifically and other rhetoric canon findings is totally untrue. So, why not enjoy the one borrowed life we have wether for the goodness or evil. After all no one has ever given a concrete definition of good or evil except for the hypocrisy and double standard that one portrays. Such a waste…the term is weak and losers that succumb to greed for there is no room for pride & honesty but plenty of vacancy to evil doers. There’s no vacancy or jobs available for good people.