• A wider cage in which to roam


    Among the few things I applauded GMA for -0 a pure evil she wasn’t — was her progressive libertarian Memo Circular No. 155 of Nov. 17, 2004, directing the forwarding of records of inmates convicted by final judgment who were 70 years sold, so they may be extended executive clemency.

    So I see no reason why we should not give nonagenarian JPE–presumed innocent and a hero in many eyes for his Feb. 22, 1986 defection to the side of the people at Edsa, and for voting No! on Sept. 16, 1990 on extending foreign military presence of close to 500 years–a wider cage in which to roam.

    I understand there is no jail time for convicted septuagenarians in Italy and Spain.

    Convicted (for tax fraud) Ex-Premier Berlusconi, 78, is now doing community service in an old men’s home.

    Way to go.

    One convinced of the guilt of anyone caged without bail should not rush the trial where one in fact may walk on a technicality.

    Rene A.V. Saguisag


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    1. Pete Gabriel on

      Enrile is not a hero. He is a traitor to the country. He betrayed Marcos, when Marcos was already ill and old and his grip to power was sliding. Marcos was his benefactor and ally. He survives because of his trickery and good timing. He will sell his own mother if that is what’s going to take for him to stay in power. This guy is a crook through and through, and he should not be given any leniency. Throw this bum in prison along with the common criminal population. Make him pay his penance. Death would be appropriate, but then that would be too easy, he does not deserve that!

      • I agree with all the anti-Enrile sentiments here. Let us not forget how Enrile and his relatives abused their power when he was Defense Minister under Pres. Marcos. Marcos complained on TV during the Feb.1986 uprising how Enrile can betray him after Marcos protected him from charges of corruption. It was truly one of the most painful words I heard from the late President in 1986, and until now I cannot fathom how Enrile can live with what he did to the old man. I simply have no respect for this ingrate.

    2. Many Filipinos have had suffered while they live in plush comfortable lifestyle at the expense of many less fortunate who elected them hoping they can be trusted but they failed them so I surely disagree with the opinion of this writer. 1986 Edsa People Power was not represented by all Filipinos, it was brought by the rich elite ( only 2% of the population ) who took the opportunity when Pres. Marcos was seriously ill and cannot govern,. then VP Arturo M. Tolentino should have been installed as President not Cory Aquino.

      • I agree that the government must not make exceptions in accordance with age. Enrile’s sins against the people of the Philippines which never ceased until he was caught so he must not be treated lightly. If he was not caught, do folks think he will stop his corrupting ways regardless of his age? I do not think so, Juan Ponce Enrile is a congenital fraud and liar and had he not been caught he will still go on and on until he will die.