• A youth’s call for Sept. 11 vigil


    This is a call to my fellow youths who plan to join the September 11 at EDSA.  They should go there to join the call for the government’s anti-corruption campaign and let their voices be heard, but not to go there to be in.  Join the fiesta atmosphere, or have fun instead of supporting the real essence of the activity.

    We know that there are many illegal activities happening in our country, like the problem of illegal logging, so why not join the anti-corruption growing clamor of our people?  It is a just cause and I know young people like me want to inherit a government and its leaders who hold office to really serve and not to enrich themselves.

    But just be sure that we do not go with the group waving red banners and be identified with leftists groups, and do not march to Mendiola or elsewhere or it will be clear that you support the leftists.

    Again to my fellow youths, commit yourself to what is right and proper but do not be aggressive and be swayed by groups who will only join the coming rally for their own purpose.

    Venalyn B. Cerezo
    Malanday, Marikina City


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    1. The youth of today besides studying hard to get a good education, must learn for themselves the tragic events happening in the country right now, so that when it is their time to govern they will not fall into the same trap that the devil is preparing for them. Learn the habit of praying and live your life close to Jesus, and He will show you the way. Try to build a strong character to reject temptation, with humility, strict discipline for honesty and love of country is the best recipe to get this country moving in the right direction. With the advent of the social media it would be easier for the young people to communicate with each other, if only to rally around to reverse the course of history, to rebuild a country of shame to a country that all Filipinos can be proud of. With God’s help this can be done. We have a model in Pope Francis, God bless us all.