• AAP and driving simulators


    A Driving Simulator helps to assess a person’s capability to operate a motor vehicle. It can also be used to teach newbies the proper operation of a car, road rules and traffic regulations, road courtesy and safety.

    Those driving on the road for the first time are more prone than experienced drivers to getting involved in accidents that may cause injuries, damage to property or even death. Even if the newbie is accompanied on the road by a professional driving instructor, risking life and limb is not worth the gamble.

    The best and safest way to let first-time drivers experience how it feels to be in control of the wheel is by driving simulation. Practicing how to drive in a Driving Simulator, a student driver learns how to avoid possible problems and what to do in a collision and other emergency situations without endangering other road users and property.

    Through scientific analytical processes that can be repeated as needed to emphasize principles and techniques for safe and disciplined driving, a Driving Simulator educates, evaluates and improves the driving skills of a person. The Driving Simulator can utilize various driving scenarios in varied environment settings like daytime or nighttime, sun or rain, to foster and further refine driving environment awareness.

    Moreover, Driving Simulators can also be used to expand one’s knowledge and appreciation of the importance of road safety. Drivers can be graded on their driving skills based on the program they are into. With a Driving Simulator, an instructor can evaluate user performance in various conditions, depending on how he controls the system.

    In a Driving Simulator, you can actually enjoy the lessons. Many of us are fond of gaming. Driving Simulators let drivers acquire knowledge while “playing,” which is more fun than conventional classroom teaching. However, it is not meant to replace actual road driving lessons. Rather, it is designed to enhance the development of skills and the aptitude required for driving safely in a controlled environment.

    The Automobile Association Philippines has acquired Driving Simulators with the purpose of using them, together with a partner such as a driving school, to teach basic driving techniques and good driving habits. AAP could offer special membership discounts to the school and their clients if the school incorporates the use of the Driving Simulators as part of the curriculum.

    The Driving Simulators that AAP acquired were produced by a company that is known to be a global leader in manufacturing simulation systems since 1973. They have delivered more than 25,000 Driving Simulators to 60 countries worldwide, machines that have trained around 10 million drivers.

    The Driving Simulators that AAP has are not designed for the training of public utility vehicle drivers, although there are simulators built for specific training programs such as the driving of trucks, buses, fire trucks and ambulances. Rather, AAP’s Driving Simulators inculcate proper observance and compliance with traffic signs and regulations, road discipline and safety as fundamental and basic requirements for good, responsible driving.

    If anyone is interested in partnering with AAP to promote driving education, please contact us at 28 EDSA, Greenhills, San Juan City 1500, via hotline at (632) 655-5889 or email at info@aap.org.ph. You can also check our website at www.aap.org.ph for more information.


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