AAP Holds its first in-house motorsport officials training seminar


The Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) recently held its first in-house classroom training seminar to upgrade the knowledge and reinforce the morale of the country’s licensed motor sport officials.

During the weekend of August 15-16, around 80 licensed motor sport officials attended the program hosted by AAP Motor Sport Department Operations Manager Mark Desales. Officials in all motor sport disciplines such as slalom, circuit, karting and drag racing were there, plus the former marshals of the Subic International Raceway, local marshals of the Clark International Speedway and several from the Tuason Racing School.

The first day of the seminar was programmed for aspiring officials while the second day was for veteran officials. The topics tackled what comprises motor sport officiating, such as Race Control, Medical Intervention Vehicle (MIV), scrutineering, flag marshaling posts, Rescue and Extrication, Administration, and Secretariat. The seminar also simulated different track incidents to test the marshals’ knowledge on how to deal with such situations.

The key speakers were AAP motor sport committee chair and board member Mandy Eduque, senior officials with Vip Isada as lead trainer, Ivan Isada, Art Guevara, Bebot Reyes, Darwin Harina and Rodini Rivera, and AAP Chief Medical Officer Dr. Henry Yañez. Guest trainers Oscar Nuke and Olson Camacho also participated in the seminar. Many of the speakers were members of the AAP team that went to Australia for Practical Officials Safety Training held on October 29 – November 12, 2014.

During the seminar, Desales and Eduque reminded the officials that they should know their profession by heart as no AAP-sanctioned motor sport event could start without them. “Without you marshals, the racers—despite their expertise—don’t get to race,” Desales said.

“It is you marshals who will tell the racers what happens, where it happens. You will be the eye of the control tower, the first responder, among many other responsibilities. That is why we want you to take this seminar and the knowledge it gives seriously,” Eduque said.

Desales and the key speakers noted that the seminar, which was opened to suggestions from the participants, is a step towards elevating the skills of Philippine motor sport officials to international standards.

As a follow-up to the officials training program that was conducted by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport in 2014 in Manila, the AAP-led seminar aimed to ensure that officials are fully equipped and knowledgeable enough to perform their official duties efficiently. This would enhance the safety of the AAP-sanctioned motor sport events.

AAP, the only Philippine member of the Federation Internationale de l’ Automobile (FIA) which governs all four-wheel motor sport worldwide, was authorized by the latter to train and develop local motor sport marshals after achieving the silver (second) level of accreditation in the FIA Institute’s Officials Safety Training Program.

The FIA Institute awarded silver accreditation to AAP after the Philippines’ national auto club trained for three years with the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport, an FIA Institute Regional Training Provider.


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