Abad a ‘sacred cow’ indeed


President Aquino last Friday announced during a Cabinet meeting that Budget Secretary Florencio Abad had tendered his resignation but that he rejected it.

Abad’s resignation was seen by some as a move to save the Pnoy administration from further criticisms over the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) issue.

Militants and the opposition, however, believe the supposed resignation of Abad was a mere show or theatrics by Pnoy and Abad to earn sympathy from the public.

They claim that if Abad was really serious in quitting, he could have tendered an irrevocable resignation so that his immediate boss could not stop him anymore from leaving the Cabinet.

The DAP was an invention of the current DBM secretary to scrounge hundreds of billions of pesos of government savings and distribute them to several lawmakers and to fund projects under Malacanang’s discretion. All of these expenditures did not pass and earn the approval of both houses of Congress.

The Supreme Court has declared the acceleration program unconstitutional, saying transfer of savings of the executive branch to other branches of government, outside the approved national budget, is wrong.

Still, Pnoy stood by his man, saying, “I can’t accept that doing right by our people is wrong.” He insisted that there was nothing wrong with Abad’s supposed brainchild that was the DAP, saying further, “The DAP has benefited our people.”

Abad knew he made a big blunder by violating a provision in the Constitution, but still the President continues to turn a blind eye on his fair-haired boy’s failures.

Clearly the tuwid na daan (straight path) policy of Pnoy only applies to his administration’s opponents and to the rest of us. It does not cover Aquino’s men, friends and relatives.

Tsk, tsk, tsk…what a piece of crap!!!

* * *

Another Cabinet member under inquiry
What’s this I’ve heard from the grapevine that a Cabinet member, who is also close to the President, is under investigation now, not just by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) but also by the Philippine National Police’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG)?

This Cabinet secretary’s offense was misusing close to P1 billion of his department’s funds intended for repair and rehabilitation work in the Caraga Region in 2012.

The official was said to have diverted the amount to the election-campaign funds in 2013 of his relative in Southern Luzon, who eventually lost his bid for the top provincial position.

My moles at the NBI and CIDG claim employees of the department came out and voluntarily complained against their big boss on the misuse of funds in their department after another official was appointed by Malacanang a few months ago to run this Cabinet secretary’s department.

Authorities have gathered enough documents to charge the official with plunder and are just readying their reports to be submitted to Malacanang for the President’s approval for the filing of the case against this official, my sources said.

This Cabinet member is also involved in the pork barrel scam since his name was mentioned twice on the list of Janet Lim-Napoles and Benhur Luy to have sold his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel to them when he was still a member of Congress.

One wonders, how many more crooks are there in the Pnoy administration?



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    Mr. Jaime Sta Isabel, you are correct. This abad cannot be trusted at all. He is a
    traitor. He will certainly sing the tune of the DAP. He was one of these Hyatt 10 who
    turned their back against GMA. A traitor cannot be trusted at all.

  2. armando flores on

    Mr. Tulfo, pls. name that cabinet secretary being investigated by the CIDG or NBI for misusing public funds. It is easy to concoct a story just to add something foul against the already known aquino thieves in the government. That is UNFAIR.

  3. Pnoy should be very very careful since Abad has no loyalthy to his Boss, he is only after the money he can get on any leader he stick with, look what he had done to GMA , he is like a leech after sucking all the blood he just left his victim. He is only a USER so Pnoy should not protect Abad or else he will end up the loser.

    • tama PNOY will be d most affected “emotionally ” coz Abad will just back stabbed him ultimately.Mr Tulfo, sacred crook is more apt to describe Abad.



    abad a sacred cow? Of course this bs abnoy has to protect abad. In the first
    place, there may not even be a resignation at all. This moro-moro was done
    to please the clamor for abad’s head. But in reality the alleged resignation was
    insincere but just a palabas lang. If abad was really sincere in resigning, he should
    have submitted an irrevocable resignation, yon kapanipaniwala. When the secretary
    of educationduring the administration of Marcos, then Onofre Corpuz irrevocably
    resigned and just walked away. If abad really was sincere, he should have done
    the same thing as Corpuz. Pero, marami pang makukurakot sa gobiyerno kaya
    he has to stay. Sayang marami pang mangyari na gaya ng DAP. Tignan ninyo
    ideneclare na ng Supreme Court na unconstitutional per pinagpipilitan pa rin
    na good faith. Ibig sabihin, hindi tama ang Supreme Court? Kaya hindi pinapaalis
    yan si abad para mapagtakpan ang mga nalalaman niyang sekreto ni corrupt na
    abnoy. Dahil kapag pinayagan na umalis ngayon di kumanta na. The reason is
    obvious sobrang takot si abnoy.

  6. Jose R, Bonifacio on

    What a country you have Tulfo; it would be worse when Binay, becomes president, his wife as VP, his son, senate president, his daughter house speaker. All in the family. With Pnoy, you only have the sister to worry.

  7. How many crooks? Wrong question Mr, Tulfo, the best question is who are honest and clean in the King PNoy administration.

  8. …and the pilipinos are sleeping…
    see, that’s why china can disrespect the pinoys and the pinoys feel hopeless and helpless about it (as a people). but, that’s because they’re used to being disrespected and abused by their own people, those in gov’t., especially.
    pinoys, a nation of hopeless, helpless individuals.
    those who have some self-respect left, they’re somewhere else.
    Of course, some will say that those who’re staying are nationalistic and have some ‘pride’ of being pinoys. But, that’s bull crap! if they’ve got pride, they’ll nail those who steal such big sums of taxpayers’ monies on crosses erected in luneta park!