Abad’s wife vows to block Taiwan fish pact


Here is a woman legislator that has balls. She represents the interest and sentiment of her constituents, and the Filipino people. We should support her in this because it is right, and we must put a stop to this Chinese poaching on our waters. This Chinese eat everything that swim, or crawl, they are despicable scums. Mr President we are being attack from all sides, lets be pro active and put a naval presence in that corner of the country. Listen to this wise woman before it is too late and have another lost island during your watch.
Pete Gabriel, killarney1013@yahoo.com


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  1. Alam ni Rep Dina Abad ang sitwasyon ng pagnanakaw ng mga mangingisdang Taiwanese sa Batanes.

    Walang magawa ang mga IVATAN sa halos araw-araw na panghihimasok ng mga Taiwanese sa karagatan ng Batanes, kung kaya’t pinababayaan, pinakikisamahan at sobrang kabaitan ay de facto pinapayagan na lamang ang mga ito.

    May mga instances na nagiging trabahador na lamang ang ilang mga Taiwanese fishing boat ang mga IVATAN, binabayaran na lamang.