ABAP pugs brace for Bangkok tournament


The Association of Boxing of Alliances of the Philippines (ABAP) is now assembling a line-up for the 2015 Asian Boxing Confederation elite men’s championship on August 25 in Bangkok, Thailand. The winner in the championship will qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

ABAP is currently waiting for some of their boxers who are in the military to be given clearance to train.

“We are not feeling confident at this time because we’re going to have a one month short preparation for the elite men’s championship once the boxers secured their permits,” ABAP Executive Director Ed Picson told The Manila Times on Wednesday in a phone interview.

“Remember, we prepared very hard for five months in the last Southeast Asian Games in Singapore before we harvested five gold medals,” he added. “Let’s see what will happen but we’re doing everything to fast-track their release.”

Army privates Rey Saludar (flyweight) and Wilfredo Lopez (middleweight) are the only boxers so far who already secured a permit to train, according to Picson.

Air Force men Mark Anthony Barriga (light flyweight), Eumir Felix Marcial (welterweight), Dennis Galvan, Junel Cantancio (lightweight), Nico Magliquian (bantamweight), and Mario Fernandez (bantamweight) are yet to be issued permit to train by their commanders.


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