Abaya should be charged – senators


    LAWMAKERS were puzzled by the decision of the Office of the Ombudsman to exclude Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya as respondent in charges filed against several officials of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT 3) in connection with an allegedly irregular MRT maintenance contract.

    Senator Grace Poe over the weekend said while the indictment of former MRT 3 General Manager Al Vitangcol and his cohorts is a welcome development, she could not understand why Abaya was not included as a respondent since he signed the P11.5-million maintenance contract.

    She added that Abaya could have full knowledge of the facts and the applicable law surrounding such anomalous procurement service.

    Aside from Vitangcol, also charged were businessman Wilson de Vera, Marlo dela Cruz, Manolo Maralit, Federico Remo and Arturo Soriano, Vitangcol’s uncle-in-law. All are incorporators of Philippine Trans Rail Management and Services Corp. (PH-Trams), the maintenance provider.

    The Ombudsman said Vitangcol used his power and authority as general manager, head of the negotiating team and member of the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) “to dictate the proponents invited for the preliminary negotiations” of maintenance services.

    The former MRT 3 chief was also accused of “intentionally hiding his affinitive relationship with Soriano, which would have automatically disqualified PH Trams.

    “I welcome this indictment by the Ombudsman against Mr. Al Vitangcol and his cohorts. This should serve as a severe warning to the current MRT administrators to get their acts together and that ineptness prompted by illegal motives shall be dealt with severely,” Poe said.

    Senator Nancy Binay also viewed the exclusion of Abaya as another example of selective justice on the part of the Ombudsman.

    “He signed the contract and yet he was not included in the filing of charges. This is clear evidence that the Ombudsman is being selective on the application of justice,” Binay said in a radio interview aired over dzBB.

    She added that Abaya’s position as president of the ruling Liberal Party (LP) could be the reason why he was spared.

    Binay said Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales should explain why LP members were not included in the complaint.


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    1. Non-lawyer kasi si Grace Poe at hindi niya kayang intindihin kung may prima facie evidence to indict Abaya. You have to trust the Ombudsman on this. Talaga namang ginagatasan masyado ni Poe ang papogi points eh.

    2. Rafael A. Toledo on

      I am so amazed that lots of Filipinos are so fond of blaming games. Let the judicial system takes its course. Let Vitangcol, as MRT head, explain and respond to all the allegations first. If OMBUDSMAN still believes that someone higher than him must answer to any of the unexplained portion/s of the allegations, then Vitnagcol’s boss (Abaya) should be required to appear before the court, as long as he has knowledge of it. Once Abaya testified and the court still have unexplained portion/s of the allegations, then Abaya’s boss should again be required to appear before the court, as long he/she has knowledge of it.
      Please do not put the blame on Pnoy, everytime something goes wrong in our country.
      The same thing applies to whoever is appointed as Chairperson of any inquiry. Poe was given the task of heading the investigation on SAF-44 fiasco. Her committee decided not to put the blame to a specific person, for a reason or reasons we do not know, so do not blame Poe. Maybe the reason/s were not for public release at all, due to country’s security interest.
      I am asking the Filipino voters to be open-minded in this upcoming election in 2016.
      Vote to the candidates who you believe can do good things to our country. Find out what accomplishments they had done and whether they are ready to hold the office they are seeking. We should apply this in electing the lowest public official in the land.
      Our elected officials are always trying to help their constituents, with some exceptions, so we should not be blaming them when something did not go as planned. We elected them, so we are partly at fault.

    3. Now, after EDSA REvolution, 1, nagkakakutsaba lahat ng partido , mapa LP, NP, UNA, united opposition ni Tabako etc.,ay nagkaisa lahat sila upang makapaganakaw sa kaban ng bayan against sa isang tao na si marcos. At sa aking pananaw, pagkakataon nga nmn nila ng makapagnakaw dahil ibinalik ni madam corykong ang pork barrel upang ito ang naging daan ng mga kawatan na pulitiko na makapagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan. mayroon ba silang nagawang proyekto ng mawala si marcos??
      bagkus ay ibinintang nila lahat kay marcos ang lahat ng kanilang pagnanakaw magmula kay devil woman corykong at hanggang sa kanyang anak na abnoy..
      ito ang itinatago ng mga pulitkong sinindikato ang congress at Senate..para makapagnakaw sa kanilang interest at hindi sa bayan. kawawang bayan ko na juan dela cruz.. ipinagbili pa sa malaysia ang mindanao//// Ang bayan ko, tanging ikaw

    4. Dong Malonga on

      Abaya can not escape the anger building up from the throngs of commuters lining up for hours everyday waiting for a ride in MRT. Lahat ng mura at galit sa kanya. The new trains from China which will be in trickles will even worsen it. Niloloko nya mga tao with all the press releases on maintenance contracts Etc… TREN ANG KAILANGAN!

    5. Roldan Guerrero on

      Mar Roxas was the DOTC Secretary when mesh in the MRT, and LRT began. He was the Head when the contract was signed. So both Roxas and ABAYA must face indiction. Why are these two incompetents and MAGNA are spared?

    6. armando flores on

      Grace Poe is just pretending that she is concerned about the corruption being committed by her patrons in malacanang. Poe should first come out with a complete report on the mamasapano massacre which up to now is being withheld to the public. In a similar fashion, Poe would be just content in asking questions on the non-indictment of malacanang stooges who are plundering people’s money. She will do nothing more thereafter. Ika nga ningas kogon lang ang poe na ito!

    7. One for all-all for one. Tha’s a simple logo for LP members. Those LP who has inclination to support the opposition group will be indicted also. So, do not expect those officials in the LP will be charged with anomalies. Simple as that. They are desperate enough to win the 2016 elections for them to spare from imprisonment.

    8. The one that almost got away? DOTC Sec. J. Abaya might have evaded prosecution with this MRT mess ow but there will be more high definition (HD) cases coming his way courtesy of Madam Ombudsman, again!!!

    9. There is nothing more dsgusting than an Ombudsman who has a propensity for selective justice. I’m beginning to believe that Conchita Carpio-Morales is really just an attack dog of the mad dog in Arlegui.

      What a pity! How pathetic and unfortunate – that a former Supreme Court associate justice will end her law career ignominiously, as the maid-servant of someone who does not deserve any respect at all.

    10. And was it not that a few weeks ago, Sen. Grace Poe Llamanares praised the PNoy administration as doing a very good job? Only proves that Grace is still an amateur who believes in propaganda being repeated and repeated. Grace, this is a good examble of DAANG MATUWID!

    11. The Office of Ombudsman have bright lawyers and for sure they have analyze and reviewed all the objective evidences. Poe and Binay should not be puzzled and speculate unless they have the evidences that the Ombudsman don’t have. I have confidence in the Office of Ombudsmen and the filing of charges with the MRT officials is another step in the right direction of Tuwid na Daan. I am sorry if I have to speak my mind. I am an OFW and I am tired of seeing blame game.

    12. Johnny Ramos on

      These senators should by now that Secretary Abaya is sacred cow. He is exempted from any suits as long as Conchita Morales is the ombudsman. On the case of Al Vitangcol it will drag until after the election. It is for show because of Binay suspension and sacking of General Purisima, it will be stop by the court before the election next year.

    13. Roldan Guerrero on

      ABAYA was not indicted on the orders of the PIGNOY. MORAL-LESS owes her appointment from the PIGNOY and aside from that her job is as an UNDERTAKER, to eliminate the political foes of the STUPID, and primarily to eliminate cases for his allies. GRACE PWE is pretending she is aware? Its just like when she freed the PIGNOY in the Mamasapano masacre of all responsibilities, despite declaring in the result of her Senate Investigation that the PIGNOY is fully responsible. Madam Senator Grace PWE, sino po ba ang niloloko nyo?

    14. Migs Doromal on

      Our president is stupid. Yes, that’s a given. But, we as people have failed this nation.

      I still firmly believe – as I did 30 years ago when I was still in college that what the Philippine nation needs is a total bloody cleansing. It is HIGH TIME TO HANG ALL OUR POLITICIANS. Kill them all so that this country can have a new beginning.

      • Sad to say, their deaths were still not enough to pay for what they have done to the people