• Abby says it’s time to move on


    New Makati City Mayor Mar-Len Abigail “Abby” Binay on Monday sought reconciliation with former Mayor Romulo “Kid” Peña Jr. amid the election protest filed by the latter.

    Speaking at her first flag-raising ceremony at city hall as the local chief executive, Binay said it’s time to move on from the election brouhaha.

    Peña, who lost by more than 18,000 votes, said there was massive fraud during the May 9 polls.

    “Pursue the case, fight fair and I will not retreat. But I still come for reconciliation, I still ask for unity and support,” Binay said. “After the elections, let’s all move on. How can we move forward if we are stuck in the past? We shall forgive but we shall not forget.”

    The mayor said the persecution suffered by her family in the past has made her strong to face any challenges.

    Moreover, Binay said she intends to bring the city “back on track” after a year under Peña’s administration.

    The mayor also thanked all those who supported her family and remained by their side throughout the political persecution they suffered.

    “We thank those who were not dazzled by money, position and power and never wavered in supporting, fighting for and praying for Team Binay,” she said.

    For the next three years, Binay said her administration will prioritize capability-building for crime prevention, traffic management, sanitation and disaster response to improve public safety and order in the city.

    The mayor said she will be focused on the review and evaluation of status of programs and services in the next few months.

    The new administration, she said, will conduct an audit of personnel following reports that spouses, relatives, in-laws and friends of personalities identified with Peña were hired mostly under the Office of the Mayor.

    Abigail is the fourth Binay to serve as Makati mayor. Her family members have held the mayoral post in the city for 29 years, from 1986 to 2015.


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