‘Abide by ceasefire or we’ll fight’


    LUCENA CITY, Quezon: President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday threatened to lift the unilateral ceasefire he had declared with communist rebels following a New People’s Army (NPA) attack against government militiamen.

    In a speech before soldiers at Camp Guillermo Nakar, the President said the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the New People’s Army and the National Democratic Front (NDF) should give him an explanation before midnight on Thursday or he will scrap the declaration of ceasefire.

    “I am issuing a warning to the communists. Are we in a truce or are we not? Give me an answer by tonight because tomorrow, I will cancel [the ceasefire],” Duterte said.

    The President said he had talked to militant lawmakers as well as government chief negotiator Silvestre Bello 3rd about the incident

    “I am demanding an explanation from the CPP … If you do not honor or you kill a single soldier or a Cafgu (Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit), who is also a soldier of the
    Republic, let’s forget it. Let’s just fight,” Duterte said.

    Following Duterte’s declaration of a unilateral ceasefire during his first State of the Nation Address on Monday, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police suspended operations against communist rebels.

    The NDF, however, set two conditions before reciprocating: the official text of the ceasefire declaration and the release of more than 500 political prisoners.

    On Wednesday, members of the Cafgu Armed Auxiliary in Davao del Norte were attacked by communist rebels resulting in the death of a militiaman. Four others were wounded.

    Before meeting the soldiers, the President attended a command conference with military officials in Camp Nakar, home of the military’s Southern Luzon Command.



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    1. Ignacio Balbutin on

      kapal naman mukha ng mga kumonista na iyan, di nga humihingi maski isang condition ang unilateral ceasefire eh humingi pa nng kondisyon na palayain iyong 500 criminals na kabaro nila. The President should not give in to their demand. They should respect the ceasefire issued by the President if not then we know already what they want, they just want war and continue to be a rebel. If they cannot honor the ceasefire then all out war should be waged against them

    2. parang gusto ko nang maniwala ke ex president noynoy aquino na sinabi niyang TRAITORS ang mga communist kaya hindi nag push through ang peace talk agreement….

    3. I will never trust JMS or any communist for that matter. Digong may have known JMS as his mentor about socialism in his college days but communism has changed the persona of JMS. Why do we listen to JMS? He will never honor his words. He is a terrorist. Look at Digong, he did not ask for anything when he declared a truce even though several of our men in uniform or PNPs were abducted by CPP, NPA-NDF before the SONA. Yet, JMS did not even care about honoring DIGONG declaration of truce. More attacks were ordered! I say arm the soldiers to hunt the terrorists. Just remember, every time NPA release any hostages or prisoners for Digong, there is monetary or livelihood compensation being given. Revolutionary tax is what Digong has given in return for those saved lives. Now Digong knows that JMS is not in control! It’s his ideology of a different Philippines, full of rally’s and protests coupled with terroristic acts if rallies are not successful.

    4. Kun di ba naman utak pulbura yan mga yan, Di ba nga sinabi ng pakakawalan mga political prisoners dahil magkakaron na nga ng usapang pangkapayapaan nguni’t may proseso din ang pag release ng tao tulad din ng proseso pag release kay GMA maski na meron na order ang SC. Napakakitid naman yata ng mga utak ng mga nasa NPA ngayon. Buti nga na di pa upo sa pwesto ay sinimulan na ang inisyatiba sa paguusap kaya napabilis ang takbo ng proseso at maski wala pa simula ng pormal na usapan ay may deklarasyon na ng ceasefire si The Digong.

      Niw, It seems that the NPA just wants to scuttle the peace efforts dahil nakikita nila that they are slowly being exposed as having no real gripe or issue as a bargaining chip when the talks would finally start – and those guys in the hinterlands have changed into bandits after several years of spartan living. They would rather continue living as extortionists because of the easy money they can get and those political issues they are using while valid may just be their scapegoat and subterfuge to raise if ever anyone of them is arrested – that they should be called “political prisoners” instead of murderers which are non-bailable. Since there is no crime of murder complexed with rebellion, the easy way out is to be called a rebel, a political prisoner.