• AboitizPower scales down solar projects


    ABOITIZPOWER, through its subsidiary Aboitiz Renewables, is scaling down the size of the solar projects it intends to put up with US-based SunEdison Inc. in the Visayas to make theplants easier and faster to build.

    Manuel Lozano, chief finance officer (CFO) of AboitizPower, said they are now considering putting up smaller solar plants in partnership with SunEdison to produce an aggregate of 100 megawatts (MW) instead of the original plan of 300 MW.

    “We are looking at about 20 MW to 40 MW each. That’s the sweet spot. That’s what we are targeting,” Lozano told reporters over the weekend.

    SunEdison originally wanted 300 MW but Lozano said it would be a “challenge.”

    “I think we’re looking at projects that could bring us to up to 100 MW only and our goal is to do it as quickly as possible,” he added. “

    For the company to jumpstart the program, Lozano said they are looking at existing contracts.

    “Other developers already have contracts but were not able to progress,” he said.

    Lozano, however, added that the issues are not just the contract but also the land.

    “But you know, when you look at a particular area, if they have the contract, it’s a good start. But we worry about transmission, are they ready to connect?” he said.

    He said they want to put up the solar plant in the Visayas and then in Luzon.

    “Probably I would guess Visayas will be the first and Luzon will come second. We have one project we hope to do in Luzon and a couple of projects we want to do in the Visayas,” he added.


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