Abolish Congress and the Presidency


I think this is the best solution, abolish Congress and the Office of the President. Amend our constitution to parliamentary form of government. Let go of the corrupt politicians.
Pogipoint, sacaisido@gmail.com

Abolish Congress and the Presidency. But if there would be a new election, all elected officials from the present and immediate past administration can be elected nor be appointed to any position in the new government. This is to lessen the chances of those corrupt officials to make a comeback, ditto with their immediate relatives to get rid of political dynasty once and for all.
Eddy Tefilo, espirituteodoro@yahoo.com

Because our government is run by the elite. When Marcos was kicked out, ang pumalit is just another group with their own vested interest. So it is the same dog life. Just different collar. Dating blue and red collar, naging yellow collar.
Nestor Ong, lizardblues@yahoo.com


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