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Thelma Dumpit-Murillo

Thelma Dumpit-Murillo

Whoever this HCSL is, he/she is wrong in his/her perception of the Diskwento Caravan so let me correct it before this gets out of hand. The Trade Department is not in the business of selling goods but rather it just organizes events such as the Diskwento Caravan so people can purchase basic commodities directly from the manufacturing companies themselves at a discounted price, which otherwise they will have to purchase at regular prices if they go to the retail stores.

Pictures don’t lie and if you have been closely following the Caravan, the lines to the Diskwento Caravan in the areas devastated by Yolanda stretch far and wide. Early on, the complaint from the people had been “may pera nga kami, wala naman mabili.” And this is the reason why the Diskwento Caravan was quickly dispatched at first instance. It is meant to put back some normalcy in the lives and commerce of the people there.

CNN iReport says it “is a place to post your news: great stories of events near you, or your own take on issues making headlines. News comes in all shapes and sizes, and the idea here at iReport is that the community will shape what counts as news, but there are a few things every iReport should have in common:

It’s yours. Your iReports should be made up of your own words and images, or those that you have the rights to use.

It’s true. iReports should be about real events, or real opinions on events. It’s not news if you make it up.

It’s new and interesting. The best iReports teach us something new or start a fresh discussion.

On two counts, this report is wrong.

iReport is an invitation for you to be a part of CNN’s coverage of the stories you care about and an opportunity to be a part of a global community of men and women who are as passionate about the news as you are.

Everything you see on iReport starts with someone in the CNN audience. The stories here are not edited, fact-checked or screened before posting. CNN’s producers will check out some of the most compelling, important and urgent iReports and, once they’re cleared for CNN, make them a part of CNN’s news coverage. (Look for the red “CNN iReport” stamp to see which stories have been vetted for CNN.)

Should I take HCSL’s comments seriously? I don’t think so. Need I say more? Well, yes. Thank you Anderson Cooper. And I do remember what you said about accuracy.

God is Great!


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  1. Good point. If the intention is to bring a semblance of normalcy in a seemingly devastated area then this scheme of DTI will truly serve its purpose.. With the eventual termination of relief goods distribution operations, a standby store with discounted prices is a welcomed option that will definitely help the people.

  2. One thing for sure…Mr/Ms HCSL didn’t investigate before posting comments. I saw the clarification in the news today and I think we should commend the Trade Dept with this noble idea.

  3. Diskwento Caravan is a noble idea at a wrong time and at a wrong place. Countries all over the world rushed to send us “AID” by millions of dollars, they sent us their medical teams and troops to help with the relief operations and recovery efforts at “NO COST” to the Philippine government, not to mention our very own “ORDINARY” citizens in Philippines working hard, sending their donations and offering their services for “FREE” as a compassionate gesture to the victims of super typhoon Yolanda, overseas foreign workers grieved over what happened to our kababayans affected and have had responded in kindness and actively participated in sending help, with that being said, we can’t expect nothing less from our government. DISKWENTO CARAVAN is such a discounted, miscalculated, and inappropriate government response over this situation. People affected by this horrendous calamity deserves better than discount. It is downright callous to say that “It’s better than nothing”. Sad that Diskwento Caravan can get to places where relief goods can’t. That is WRONG!

  4. Unfortunately, greater public participation in the media — which I think is generally a good thing — also requires a lot more critical mental exercise on the part of the audience. Obviously, that’s asking a lot of some people.