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    Sent by Carlos Baldago to Rigoberto Tiglao on July 21, 2014:

    I have been to Nuvali, the Ayala owned private residence in Laguna. As of yesterday, my sister’s house in Nuvali continues to suffer from power failures since typhoon Glenda struck. And just to inform you, I have seen electric poles standing there and not underground as you mentioned. Outside of the curb where the house of my sister stands, there is even an electric post.

    But mind you, power availability in Nuvali has not been stable for almost two years now. That is the reason my sister couldn’t bring in a washing machine there. Likewise, landline telephone services of globe telecoms is not only expensive but downright slow. I guess there are tie-ups between developers and telecom companies that assure the latter of exclusive domain.

    Perhaps you also need to do a study on the rentier behaviors of the Lopezes, Ayalas, and the Villars, Sys, Gokongweis, Gotianuns, Romeros, Antonios, Angaras, Cojuangcos and how they influence government policies/programs in real estate, taxation, infrastructure biddings, to further their core interests.

    Mr. Carlos Baldago


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    1. The admiration you have express for Mr. Pangilinan is ill placed , He is not the super businessman you though he was . before he was able to control PLDT . he was a total failure , He start taking over Metro Drug , the maker of my wife favorite soap ” Heno
      De Prava ” with Salim father money , the company collapse immediately , then he took
      over Kimberly Clark , The company collapse again , He try his hand in buying Fort Bonifacio , he was successful this time . But at a cost of 100,000 pesos per sq. meter higher than the rest of the other bidders. At the end , he had to sell the land at a discount for almost the same 100,000 per sq. meter . Then he try to buy PLDT , He again failed to anticipate the cellular phone future , thus allowing the entry of
      Globe. Old man Salim wanted to kick him out , but Pangilinan was able to use the
      labor union of PLDT to out maneuver the old man. after old man Salim die , he was
      able to reach an accommodation with Antoni . the rest you know . Mr.Pangilinan is
      either a very lucky man or he hold the key to the many skeletons hidden in the Salim family closet !

    2. Larry Ebersole on

      The abuse being made by government franchise holders are not new, they had been there since we became independent (sic) and being in one way or another allowed by our legislators as they profit from these situations. the company makes money, they make money because they own shares of the company or even at times hidden partners, that is after the lobby money they have received to give the franchise.

      Do you think this will ever change considering the quality and real intentions of our politicians?

    3. The sense of the conversation between Messrs. Tiglao and Baldago calls for the people to take action – rebellion or civil war. Walk the talk as they say.