• About “US vows to back Japan in China row”


    It has been proven ineffective for the Philippines to insists on the Code of Conduct to be observed in the South China Sea, by not making improvements in the islets claimed by the Philippines. Other claimants are making their own improvements in the Spratly islets they claim, and not following the Code of Conduct. It’s the right of the Philippines to improve the islets claimed by her for the sake of the welfare of its citizens. It is the Philippines’ obligation to safeguard and improve the welfare of its citizens stationed in these islets. If land reclamation for these islets is needed, then do it, for the benefit of these people stationed there. The Ayungin reef should have some land reclamation done with better houses for these soldiers. The rusty ship is not fit for a condusive living. The suggestion of Carlos Celdran to put some plants in the ship is not logical; where will they get the water to water these plants.

    Carlos Martin


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