Abu Sayyaf abducts 2 women in Sulu


DESPITE the presence of more government troops in Sulu, members of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) managed to kidnap two women on Sunday.

Initial reports at the Philippine National Police headquarters in Camp Crame said the women were onboard a motorcycle when they were abducted at about 2:40 p.m. by an unknown number of armed men at Barangay Kaunayan in Patikul.

The reports, which identified one of the victims as Nursalyn Ahamadon, said the two were heading for Taglibe from Jolo when the incident happened.

The bandits and their victims then fled towards the southern portion of Barangay Kaunayan in the same town, reports said.

The al-Qaeda linked ASG is the smallest but vicious terror groups operating in Southern Philippines and have been involved in kidnap for ransom activities.

Security officials blamed the ASG for attack that killed 20 and wounded 16 in a remote village in Talipao town last week.

The victims were on their way to attend Eid-Al Ftr or the end of Ramadan when they were ambushed.

Officials blamed rido (clan war) as the root cause of the ambush which prompted the military and police to beef up their forces to stabilize the situation in Sulu.


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  1. eltee mulawin on

    >>> what happened…WHERE IS THE GROUP CALLED ….COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS and the patriotic group group called ..ANAKBAYAN, AKBAYAN, etc. ????
    ARE THOSE PEOPLE OR GROUP SHALL BETTER CALLED THEMSELVES ….MGA ANAK NG P…….INA NILA !!!!! Why they cant say anything about this criminal act done by this muslim militant ???? Why they dont received money from DAP ????
    DAPuan sa na kayo at mga anak at mga kapatid ninyo ng karumal dumal na sakit habang buhay !!!!