• Abu Sayyaf bandits abduct German sailor


    The Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) struck again last week, seizing a German sailor and killing his wife off Pangutaran, Sulu, the military said Monday.

    The body of Sabina Wetch was found on board the yacht Rockall Sunday, Maj. Felimon Tan, spokesman of the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ (AFP) Western Mindanao Command (Westmincom)

    The military said ASG sub-leader Muamar Askali alias Abu Rami had claimed that his group abducted Juegen Kantner.

    Tan said the military had recovered the couple’s yacht, and the body of a naked white woman who had been shot was aboard. The passports of Kantner and Merz were found on the Rockall.

    He said the military had listened to an audio recording of Rami and Kantner also spoke on the phone call.
    Kantner, 70, identified his companion as Sabine, according to Tan.

    The victims were the same as those abducted by Somali pirates off the Gulf of Aden and held hostage for 52 days in 2008.

    Tan said the military is coordinating with scene of the crime operatives (SOCO) to determine if the woman was raped before she was killed because there were indications that she was sexually molested.

    The military theorized that the victim was killed when she tried to fight with the jihadists by grabbing the shotgun.
    “Hindi siguro matiis ng babae yung ginawa, baka nakita yung shotgun na nakatago, lumaban binanatan nila (Maybe she could not take what they did to her, she saw the shotgun and tried to fight her attackers),” Tan surmised.

    The kidnapping happened despite the massive military operations being conducted in the ASG strongholds in Sulu and Basilan. Armed Forces chief Gen. Ricardo Visaya has ordered the military to use all available war materiel to finish off the terrorist group.

    The AFP had claimed gaining significant headway in its campaign against the ASG in Basilan and Sulu since President Rodrigo Duterte ordered in July the “total decimation” of the extremist group.

    In an earlier presentation to Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, Visaya said at least 579 massive military operations have been conducted against the group that resulted in the killing of 56 jihadists, capture of 21 and surrender of 21 others.


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    1. To all foreigner who live on this areas named above, what is wrong with you people their`s a travel warning. And still you keep on going in that place. How hard headed this people are until our Pres. cleared the area get out please…

    2. The German was in hostile territory and the EU, US, and Australia warn travelling to Southern islands in the Philippines. The entire Philippines is a danger area, there are kidnappings in all regions of the country. Until President Duterte has cleanup the Philippines STAY AWAY.

      Abu Sayyaf has $7,3 million from the latest ransom paid for hostages, so they can show up in Cebu, Manila, Angeles City or any other town to create havoc. An Abu Sayyaf member has been arrested in Pasig City. In October, Philippine authorities arrested another Malaysian terrorist, identified as Mohamas Amin, in Quezon City. Amin, was planning bomb attacks in the heart of Manila. Sources in the intelligence community says two Abu Sayyaf bomb teams has traveled to Manila. Abu Sayyaf can strike in Angeles City, Manila and Cebu at any time.

      Now a lot of Filipino soldiers will lose their life attempting to rescue the German. The Embassies too is irresponsible by not expanding their travel warning for the Philippines. Samal Island who was classified as “safe” four was kidnapped. Two Canadians was killed, and still Samal Island is classified as safe! Even worse the Filipino intelligence community had 45 days prior knowledge the Abu Sayyaf was looking for kidnap victims on Samal, but no warning issued to hotels or local police.