Abu Sayyaf suspected Atyani as CIA operative


RECENTLY freed Jordanian Journalist, Baker Atyani was suspected to be an “agent” of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) by some commanders of the Abu Sayyaf (ASG) that he interviewed in Sulu, a police debriefing report revealed.

Suspicion that the Jordanian journalist was CIA agent has led some leaders of the al-Qaeda-linked ASG to hold him hostage at their lairs deep in the jungles of Sulu on June 12, 2012, a debriefing report on Atyani revealed.

The Jordanian was debriefed by police operatives in Camp Crame, the Philippine National Police headquarters in Manila, where he was flown three days after his miraculous ‘escape’ from an ASG lair in Patikul, Sulu.

Atyani also said to his de-briefer that at the time he was held hostage, he was working for a two-part project for NBC about Mindanao—the first part calls for a trip to Sulu, the next, to Cotabato.

The Jordanian told police that part of the program was for him to conduct an interview of some ASG personalities in Sulu and he would return immediately to the capital after completing his interview.

Atyani told police de-briefers, composed of veteran police investigators and intelligence operatives, that he had completed his interview of ASG commanders, when the group ‘decided’ to hold him as their “hostage.”

The Jordanian journalist also told police de-briefers that among the personalities that we was able to interview or meet in Sulu was “Tuan Yan” known as Yaser Igasan, a senior leader of the ASG, the report said.

Atyani told police debriefers that “Tuan Yah” also interrogated him about his ‘true identity’ and he was asked about alleged information by the ASG that he (Atyani) was working for the CIA.

The Jordanian journalist also said a certain “Julmunir” was his contact in Mindanao and reportedly helped him find resources persons or personalities with Moro rebel groups and Islamic militants for his project.

Atyani was recovered by government troops on December 4 in a remote area in Barangay Igasan in Patikul, Sulu after allegedly escaping from his captors.


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