• Abu Sayyaf threatens to behead German captive


    This photo released by the Abu Sayyaf shows German hostages Stefan Viktor Okonek and Herike Diesen. (Photos from website worldanalysis.net)

    ZAMBOANGA CITY: Abu Sayyaf militants in southern Philippines threatened to behead one of their two German hostages if Berlin fails to pay P250 million in ransom until October 10, 2014.

    They also demanded that Germany stop supporting US air strikes against the Islamic State or IS in Iraq and Syria.

    The demands were contained in a letter sent by Abu Rami and a copy was posted on the website “World Analysis,” a nonpartisan, open-source information resource for geopolitical events worldwide, run by Canadian Casey Britton, a former private investigator and information systems developer.

    It was unknown how the website obtained a copy of the letter, but the site also showed three photos of two German yachtmen–Stefan Viktor Okonek, 71, and Herike Diesen, 55–who disappeared in waters off Palawan island. The Germans were snatched at sea on April 25 while heading to Sabah from a holiday in Palawan and they were reported missing after Filipino fishermen spotted their empty yacht.

    Abu-Sayyaf-Letter-Screen-CapIn the photo uploaded on the “World Analysis” website, the duo was surrounded by masked gunmen, one of them brandishing a bolo while grabbing the shirt of a terrified Okonek. One of the photos had been shared on Facebook in August. It showed Okonek and Diesen behind a German flag and surrounded by at least 10 gunmen in a forest, and a black flag with an Arabic inscription can be seen in the background.

    The letter reads: “The Abu Sayyaf is warning the families of the hostages and the German government, and the Philippine government — first, you give us our demand of P250 million up to October 10, 2014 — or we will behead one of the hostage; secondly, Germany must cease its support to America on the killings of our brother Muslims in Iraq and Sham (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine), and our brother mujahedeen.”

    It was signed by Abu Raami.

    There was no immediate statement from Manila, but President Benigno Aquino 3rd recently met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during his European swing. It was unknown if Aquino and Merkel discussed the hostage crisis.

    The Abu Sayyaf is still holding several foreigners and Filipinos kidnapped in southern Philippines. Among them are two European wildlife photographers Ewold Horn, 52, from Holland; and Lorenzo Vinciguerre, 47, from Switzerland, who were taken captive in the coastal village of Parangan in Panglima Sugala town in southern Tawi-Tawi province two years ago.

    The Armed Forces of the Philippines said it was verifying the veracity of the rebels’ demands.

    The United States and its Arab allies unleashed deadly bomb and missile strikes on jihadists in Syria on Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila), opening a new front in the battle against the Islamic State group.

    Dozens of IS and al-Qaeda militants were reported killed in the raids, which Washington said had partly targeted extremists plotting an “imminent attack” against the West.

    Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates joined the operation, which involved fighter jets, bombers, drones and Tomahawk missiles fired from US warships.

    President Barack Obama, who had already launched strikes against IS militants in neighboring Iraq, said “the strength of this coalition makes it clear to the world that this is not America’s fight alone.

    “It must be clear to anyone who would plot against America and try to do Americans harm that we will not tolerate safe havens for terrorists who threaten our people,” he added.

    The raids marked a turning point in the war against IS, which has seized swathes of Syria and Iraq and declared an Islamic “caliphate.”



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    1. i think is all about the money they are using innocent people, capture them for ransom they are bad bad people even the filipino leaving in other country is affected by this terroritic act of a muslim group.

    2. save the victim by all means ! i believe the Philippine military are capable of destroying these monstrous muslim group !!!!

    3. tang ina nyung mga abu sayyaf kau.anu ba pinaglalaban nyu?. pti kming mga muslim nadadamay sa mga kawalang hiyaan nyu.mamatay na sana kaung lahat.salot kau.

    4. Duchess Marie Gradwyn on

      I don’t know what can they get from beheading people. I pity those who are slayed by them.
      If they keep doing this, we would live in fear and fear is never forgotten.
      And if their motive in doing this is for our soldiers to stop killing their Muslim brothers, they should also take in consideration to pity our Christian brothers also. I know, and we all know that it is very clear that the German government will not give any money to those abu sayyaf. I don’t see any concerts about killing abu sayyafs, so i suggest to the AFP that their orders should be “shoot to kill” any abu sayyafs in sight for the reason that those abu sayyafs were highly trained to keep silent about everything they knew and also their camp location even if they are brutally tortured. Their motto maybe is “Sympathy is not an option” so why not return their service? I can see no harm in returning a favor.

      • Maybe you live in fear, I am ready for war. Let’s get us some Muslims no matter where they hide in the world!

    5. Please Have Mercy on

      God please. please please give mercy on them. Free them & let us try not to make things worse. We beseech. ;’-(

    6. What the heck!! Pilipinas do you want to be bombarded now like syria and iraq and other countries who believe in this ideology?? You are going to bring harm to the innocent and God fearing Filipinos. Please dont be a part of these evil acts.Germany doesnt pay ransom for captives even to kidnappers in their own country. GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!

    7. Why the hell is abu sayyaf doing that? I really dont understand what they are fighting for! Are they a group of Filipino terrorist living in Zamboanga Philippines or they are mixed with other country’s terrorist using this abu sayyaf group? I really dont know Philippines anymore!

    8. Not all muslims are like that I’ve personally known some good muslim people… abu sayaff are called Moros ( Bandits) they are worthless scums that are fighting without a cause… they should be treated like a common criminal but should be punished in the harshest way… this is what too much human rights do to people with bad intentions they encourage them to do more bad things…

    9. Before ww2 there were around 20% Christians in the middle east. Now its down to 5% equal to 12 million. If thid exedus continues with the same speed that number will be down to 6 millions by 2020.

      Time for all Christians to get together and do whatever it requires to remove the threat from these mideval groups.

      • I find it shameful to read as a christian the call for another crusade against those groups, as some comments here imply. This is just the same mediavel barbaric level which is sadly projected in any religion.
        Those are simply brutal criminals, who abuse their belief for their sick agenda. This, by the way happened on any side before. Call it crusade or jihad, all in the name of god.I just hope people stop polarizing with the means of religion and just focus on the fact, that this is a group of fundamentalists with mainly political intentions and financial interests.

    10. War with satanic abu sayyaf on

      AN EYE FOR AN EYE, A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH, this is the right time to form or re group the fearless and ruthless Christian Movement who fought the muslim in Mindanao in 70’s. I believe that the muslim in Mindanao wouldn’t forget this group. I’m calling to all Christians to unite once again to fight this Jihadist, and give them what they want! beheadings and persecution of Christian in Syria, Iraq and India is too much. We need to arm ourselves and fight this legions of Satans, Let us not wait that one of our family members, relatives and friends be victimized by their beheadings. Time for us Christians to retaliate.

    11. Arne Ragnarsson on

      One problem. Germany will never pay.
      That fear. Because, if one country will pay, the will never stop taking hostages.

    12. Again and again these folks if they are such believers in their cause then unmask yourself from those rags. Show your face to the world so we will know who to fear. Saan ka magtatago sa Pinas? Hindi naman iyan kasing laki ng Australia tulad lang iyan ng Texas. I’d say hunt them down like pigs and not stop until they’re completely annihilated. Give them what they deserve and those merci loose in PI. No merci and no hostages! Humanitarian does not play any role in this since they don’t follow any rules of engagement. There will never be peace in Mindanao unless they come to reason. All that peace treaty is only good for that day or the pips that was on the table. A new faction will breakaway and we have a new game with a new player. I say hunt them down and feed their souls to the dogs.

    13. Ay nako! Ang mga Abu na yan ay mga bata (asset para magkapira) ng mga General diyaan sa Mindanao. Ginagawang negosyo ng mga General ang kidnap for ransom! Kaya walang katapusan yaang kidnapping diyaan!


      • We need Christians who are willing to go to Hell for going against Jesus’ will to love and forgive those who treat us like enemies. Kill these bastards and their kins and children!

    15. >>>Why the military and PNP can’t find the place of these bandit ASG?
      >>>Some of the funds from PDAF and DAP was given to senators and representatives in Mindanao, why they’re no words and action from them?
      >>>It is very very sure there are BARANGAYS IN MINDANAO. And it is very very sure these BARANGAYS OFFICIALS are receiving funds from the government budget every year and some funds from DAP and PDAF. Barangays should be the first know their constituents and very much know who are the people living in their area. So these BARANGAY should be the link and source of community intelligent of the military, police and government.
      IF THE BARANGAYS could not help in this situation, not only in mindano, even in the entire nation, it s about time to abolish the Barangays. Government only wasting the taxpayers money for this barangay officials.
      BARANGAYS was created and established by FEMarcos not for FIESTA occasions and elections, not for basketball, volleyball, bingo, sakla, tonghits, magjong and other gambling games. These was the peace and order of every localities in every cities, municipalities and provinces in the whole acrhipelagos of the Philippines.

    16. oh what the Ph do to this the afp lack the capability to go after this group. why no ask coupal coup trillanes to lead the team to pursue and get this bunch of criminal o wala syang itlog isama nya ni cayetano at pimentel.

    17. We filipinos must start beheading muslims as well…lets see how far they want to take this fight…The abu sayaff are the MILF themselves….if we goback from 3 yrs ago,during the basislan 19 massacre….. most of them that our soldiers have engage are abu sayaff,but they hid in to that camp run by MILF and to this day, they have not surrender those animals….it is time that we filipkinos start arming ourselves….muslims will just get stronger and they will continue to kill us, till they become the majority,and when that hapens…they will treat us just like how they treat christians in muslim land….this people are worhtless scumbags…and its time that we behead them back..ujntil their childrens head started to roll in the street of mindanao..until then, this animals will continue their coward game of hit and run….it would be nice if sme of us g under ground and do the same crap as what they do to everyone else ….fear and terror is the only language they speak…..thats whhy our soldiers dont care ,,the moment they findout were they are,,,they will attack them ,regardless of hostages…they are going to die..and they all must killed like a dog that they are

    18. Way to be transparent Abu Sayyaf by demanding money first before your pretentious call to stop attack your band of terrorists in other parts of the world!! There is not even a drop of “honor” in your act! It’s all about money! Money and terror! What a HUGE SHAME!

    19. jose hernani m. parco on

      now is the best time to test the mettle of the newly bought war materiel, like warships, choppers, jet planes, high powered firearms. let these savage barbarians have it and blow them all to kingdom come!

    20. The kidnappers, as the abu sayyaff, should go after public officials who plundered people’s money thru the PDAF/DAP/Malampaya Fund disbursements. If they do not return the money to the national treasury or to the people or to the kidnappers, they must be beheaded. They should go after the neck of drilon, belmonte, abad, abaya, gonzales, cayetano, trillanes, and of course the calvous aquino, the mastermind, and all others who benefitted themselves from the scams.

    21. Ludwig Fuentebella on

      They call other muslims brothers I am not a muslim but i call them brothers… They live in an unfair world of misbeliefs. They should be caught and fed pork head everyday!

    22. Pnoy Doesn’t care anymore. He was busy protecting his corrupt allies. If ISIS exist in the philippines through abu sayaf, he will just simply say, America is there to help us. The president is on his insane mind to think about the protection of the people against ISIS without seeing any proof even if there is through abu sayaf group.

    23. Voice from the Wilderness on

      The methodology of beheading hostages while in captivity is not new to this Abu Sayyaf group preceding what is now being practiced by ISIS. The only difference is that ISIS is videoing the beheading and uploading this barbaric act in the media and internet for propaganda mileage. This present inconsequential Regime led by an inept president in malacanang should be wary of this development because Abu Sayyaf might imitate ISIS and it will be a propaganda nightmare for this Regime as it will project the country to be an ungovernable state like Iraq and Syria…..

    24. The Islamic Caliphate of Iraq and Syria has a new branch in the Philippines and it is called Abu Sayyaf.

      • Actually the Abu Sayyaf existed long before ISIS, so it’s hardly new, nor has its behaviour changed at all. Just trying to ride on the ISIS name for a bit of media mileage, and of course a lot of people fall for it.

    25. there goes pnoy again when he said that he is not worried about ISIS influencing or recruiting terrorists in the philippines. this a perfect example. we have ISIS symphatizers in the philippines.