Abucay town marks 427th founding anniversary


ABUCAY, Bataan: The drizzle did not stop residents on Tuesday from celebrating the town’s 427th founding anniversary.

Mayor Ana Santiago led the Abu Kinaykay Festival complete with marchers and street dancers, including Aetas in colorful costumes.

Fortunately, the rains stopped as the parade approached the Church of Abucay—the oldest church in Bataan built by Dominican missionaries.

Local beauties adorned the floats in the long parade. Some of the floats carried nipa huts while others had fishing boats to show that Abucay is a farming and fishing town.

Street performers stomped their bare feet on the wet pavement as they danced to the rhythm of the blaring music that came from sound systems in big vehicles. There was even a brass band with lovely majorettes.

Some of the marchers and street dancers carried bamboo rakes used in gathering ashes that became the basis of the town’s name.

Mamerto Tinao, 58, a lay minister of the Church of Abucay, said that the town got its name when Spaniards saw two men raking ashes. They asked the men what the town’s name was but they were told that the men were gathering ashes.

“Abu kinaykay,” they answered. The Spaniards thus called the town Abu Kinaykay that was later shortened to Abucay.


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