• Abusive mining operator is Noy’s crony, ‘milking cow’


    President Noynoy’s ruling Liberal Party (LP) is amassing campaign funds for the elections coming less than a year from today.

    And, they’re doing it in every which way they can, illegally and unethically, as well as immorally.

    Noynoy and his bagman Butch Abad have fleeced the annual national budget of billions of pesos under the unlawful Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). State witness Merlina Sunas on Thursday admitted Abad was Janet Napoles’ main accomplice in the pork barrel scam.

    They’ve also made a milking cow of smuggling syndicates at the Bureau of Customs (BOC), even its last commissioner couldn’t stomach it anymore that he resigned.

    Another way they’re doing it is soliciting and goading unscrupulous companies for contributions like they did for Noynoy’s campaign funds for the 2010 presidential elections.

    His contributors then include erring mining companies that have committed gross violations of environmental laws to the detriment of protected areas and natural resources.

    The SR Metals, Inc. and its subsidiaries San R Mining and Galeo Equipment and Mining Corp., are examples of mining companies which have illegally operated with such impunity.

    But these firms have remained “out of reach” of the hands of the law precisely because they are owned and operated by Francis Enrico “Eric” Gutierrez, said to be a major and generous contributor to Noynoy’s campaign funds in 2010.

    Since Gloria Arroyo’s term, Gutierrez’ firms have been spared from government sanctions despite their alleged abusive mining in violation of mining laws and regulations of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

    Instead of losing business with the inception of Noynoy’s sham Matuwid na Daan, crooked mining companies like SR Metals Inc. have thrived because of Malacanang’s backing.

    LP stalwart Edgar Erice’s son is a stockholder in Gutierrez’ mining firms.

    This goes to show how politicians use their positions to protect and further their private business interests.

    For eight years, Gutierrez have reportedly dodged and snubbed inquiries, and prevailed over sanctions DENR’s Mine and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) attempted to impose.

    SR Metals Inc. and its subsidiaries San R Mining and Galeo Equipment and Mining Corp. based in Tubay, Agusan del Norte, have excessively extracted minerals and smuggling them out.

    According to MGB records, the three companies have extracted almost 2 million metric tons of nickel ore between 2006 and 2007 worth billions of pesos.

    Such destructive and illegal operations continued until recently.

    Despite being licensed for “small-scale mining” in which Gutierrez’ firms are only allowed to mine 50,000 metric tons of ore from each mine every year or a total of 150,000 metric tons for the three firms.

    Guess what, Gutierrez or his firms have yet to face charges for allegedly smuggling massive amounts of ore estimated at P28 billion every year, even as the Supreme Court issued a decision affirming the Court of Appeal’s ruling that the mining operations SR Metal Inc. is destructive to the environment.

    As a result, MGB director Leo Jasareno wrote Gutierrez’ company recently to explain why their license should not be revoked for violating the provisions of its earlier license for small-scale mining for the metal material.

    Agusan mining activists claim justice has long been overdue for the people of the province who have been robbed, duped and abused of their share of the mineral wealth of the province by the said firms.

    Environmental activists knew all along why authorities have turned a blind eye on SR Metal Inc. and its subsidiaries’ criminal acts.

    It is no secret to them that Gutierrez is a milking cow of Noynoy & Co.

    “Hindi nakapagtataka dahil hindi biro ang hatag na kuwarta niya (Gutierrez) sa kandidatura ni PNoy mula pa noong 2010… At ngayong 2016, inaasahang maghahatag na naman yang si Guttierez sa standard bearer ng LP,” said an activist in the know.

    Noynoy’s rabid supporter Erice, a stockholder in SR Metal, Inc., is pushing for a Mar Roxas-Grace Poe tandem.

    And with Guttierez’ generosity in bribing Noynoy in 2010, who would have dared the “incorruptible” President to lift a finger to penalize this criminal mining company? So much for “incorruptible President,” pwe!

    Maybe Noynoy would stick out his middle finger and pick his nose.




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    1. 2m tons of nickel ore is not worth 28b pesos. Even in 2006-2007.

      More like $26-55 per ton depending on quality and grade in this current environment with nickel being banned.

      Assume average selling price of $30 per ton now. That’s total annual gross revenue of $60m. Small by international standards.

      Nickel Asia alone produces 20-21mtpa of ore. Compare both and you’ll see numbers don’t tally.

      Nickel had highs in 2007 and mid 2014 due to Indonesian ore export ban.

    2. Kale Alaskador on

      If the evidence is there, why can’t these people be brought to justice?

      There are so many similar cases and nobody lifts a hand! Why?

      Because we are so helpless! We do not do anything! We just accept these are “normal”.

      Kawawa naman ang Pilipinas.

      Maybe it is time for a major change. I hope there are straight-thinking junior officers in the AFP who can take over this government.

      • Wag naman mga junior officers. Hijo, mag antay ka lang ng kaunti at hindi matatapos ang taon at may malaki ng pagbabago ang mangyayari sa ating mga kanayunan. Hindi na iintindihin ng karaniwang tao si simyon at wala na silang paniniwalaan sa mga sinasabi nito. Laging may hangganan ang kawalang hiyaan. ALIS DYAN, SIMYON!!!