Accent chairs from across the ages


Besides providing additional seating and complementing a room’s décor, accent chairs add an extra element of architectural interest to any space.

It is said that to truly stand the test of time, a piece of furniture must possess a certain je ne sais quoi—that is, a quality that cannot be described or named easily. Over the years, there have been what can be considered iconic accent chairs, which The Manila Times, with the help of furniture store Our Home, lists down below.

The Adaline Accent Chair takes inspiration from the English Wing-back chair which was first introduced in England in the 1600’s. The “Wing Chair,” also known as the “Fireside Chair,” is a popular high-backed, upholstered armchair with side pieces projecting from the back that protects the sitter from cold drafts. The bold floral printed Adaline Accent chair is a contemporary rendition of the Wingback Chair. Its historical influences and eye-catching color and print easily make this chair into an instant conversation piece.

The Albry Accent Chair traces its roots from the 18th Century “Slipper Chair”. Slipper Chairs are low-slung, armless chairs that were first used as bedroom chairs for women. Very light to the eyes, the Albry accent chair in arabesque-printed fabric can be a chameleon in your home fitting into spaces that need an extra punch of interesting pattern and extra seating!

The Ayer Accent Chair is reminiscent of the French “Bergere,” which simply means an easy chair with closed arms. Originally the Bergere has an upholstered back, arms and seat but some of its frames are exposed and intricately decorated. Over the years, the form and materials used to create this kind of chair has evolved in order to consider comfort and the period style by which they are subsequently made (e.g. Club chair, Art Deco Era, France). The Ayer Accent Chair can bring a highly sophisticated French touch into a living space without losing the modern “clean lines” feel.

The Alexa Accent Chair exemplifies the famous “form follows function axiom” by Louie Sullivan. With its clean lines, simple silhouettes, and unassuming forms, it has an undeniable mid-century feel. But the art nouveau pattern in achromatic colors give it a contemporary look with a twist. The Alexa Accent Chair fits nicely into a living room or bedroom as a bedside accent chair, however its sleek dimensions make it also a perfect dining chair.


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