• Achieving balance in the golf swing


    One of the key components to achieve an ideal swing mechanics is to maintain balance. When in balance throughout the swing, the body allows the club head to move around correctly, and strike the ball with a more solid contact.

    Balance is instinctively easy to do without exerting any effort. Similar to walking, running or riding the bicycle, it does not require any amount of thinking to achieve it. Take note that by walking or riding the bike, you move forward. In golf, you rotate. But it does not mean that you alter the concept of balance.

    The writer demonstrates the set up (1), the back swing (2) and the follow through (3). PHOTOS BY BUDDY DE JOYA

    The reason that golf swing biomechanics seems difficult is we tend to move the body and the club away from and to the target. It is instinctive, and most of the time, natural tendencies are difficult to remove. But with enough patience and understanding, you can alter anything you choose to. So, getting rid of excessive lateral movement that causes improper balance can always be corrected.

    When you bend forward at address position, which we normally refer to as the “forward tilt”, and rotate your arms and shoulders together, and allow the hips and legs to follow, within the boundaries of your feet, then you will achieve proper balance. It is not necessary to shift your weight deliberately just like in walking, running and cycling.

    Feeling the sole of your feet is crucial. Feeling your feet evenly distributed is vital to achieve good balance from the time you set-up, until the follow-through. There is also much to consider in setting-up accordingly, prior to swinging, because this is relative in establishing the appropriate balance. Attaining this will prevent your body to minimally compensate the golf club during the swing.

    It does not really matter which club you use or whatever swing size you execute. What matters is to maintain an ideal balance to achieve quality shots. With fuller swings, you will hit farther and establish a more solid contact.

    Do your “address position” with a golf club at the center of the body

    Hold your position for about 10 seconds and feel the sole of your feet

    Make certain that your body weight is evenly distributed between your toes and your ankle

    Check if your head and hips are centered also

    Do a “full back swing” with a club

    Do steps 2 – 4

    Do a “full follow-through” with a club

    Do steps 2 – 4

    Do steps 1 – 8, 5 minutes a day for 30 days


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