Achieving a consistent golf swing


Every golfer is concerned about becoming consistent. Making each shot predictable every time. In fact, predictability is the biggest challenge in golf, or, in life, for that matter.

Consistency and predictability, no doubt are achievable. There are plenty of ways to do so, although there are factors to consider like schedules, budgets and your knowledge about golf. Having a coach or instructor is recommended to hasten your development and understanding.

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A consistent golf swing can be fundamentally sound or not. For as long you spend time practicing as often as you can, you will definitely achieve a certain peak, or in other words, reach a plateau. So whether you like it or not, this will happen to you, as a golfer. With the proper fundamentals though, your peak will surely be better than most.

It is common for golfers to become frustrated when their swing and games are unpredictable. It triggers a golfer not to enjoy the game. Doubt, being overwhelmed and confused becomes the mental state. Then one day, a golfer just decides to stop playing. Sad! But to those who are challenged, they will never stop and will always persevere to achieve their best.

To be consistent, you need to deeply understand what you are doing. You must consider greatly that the swing biomechanics cannot and never be natural, if you really want to be a class “A” golfer. There is nothing natural about the golf swing. You definitely need to work on it, until the brain (your mind) remembers what your body needs to do.

You must study where the club should pass during the entire swing. Of course, it will vary depending on the method being applied. But just the same, the concepts, appropriate angles of the body, the swing plane and proper rotations must be set accordingly. You must drill it everyday even for a few minutes, without the presence of a golf ball. This will allow you to focus on the swing mechanics, and mind you, not striking the ball.

Again, just like in any applications, you need to practice. It takes 21 to 66 days for the mind and body to master a single task. The more you practice, the earlier and faster you will learn. During your practices, FEEL is the key. The thinking, creativity (visualization) and feel must be achieved in every swing. You do not let the swing to just happen. You need to make it happen by thinking, creating and feeling what your body does, while also feeling good.

So, go and hire a teaching professional. Get back to basics and fully understand. Never allow your parents, friends and relatives to teach you, unless you are still fully dependent. I can almost guaranty that they don’t know what they are talking about. Trust a teaching professional, plainly because it is their profession. Enjoy!


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