Acquitted OFW to serve remainder of sentence


Although acquitted of murder charges, Jennifer Dalquez, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) employed as a domestic helper in the United Arab Emerates (UAE), would still be in jail for two and a half years, the remainder of her five-year sentence.

Jennifer was saved from death row after the UAE Court of Appeals cleared her of murder.

The verdict was confirmed by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on June 20, according to Rajima Dalquez, mother of Jennifer.

ACQUITTED Rajima Dalquiz (left) and husband Abdulhamid (center), the parents of Jennifer Dalquez, are shown with Jennifer’s husband, Norkie Mamantal. PHOTO BY JERRY N. ADLAW

Jennifer, 30, from General Santos City, was charged with murder for allegedly killing her employer.

But Rajima said the employer of Jennifer was killed accidentally.

It “was not the intention of my daughter to kill her employer because she was only defending herself when her employer attempted to rape her,” she added.

Jennifer has been working in the UAE since December 2011 and had worked with at least four employers, one of whom also allegedly tried to rape her in March 2012.

“Jennifer was declared innocent without payment of ‘blood money’ but she was still sentenced to five years’ imprisonment on charges of stealing a mobile phone [not for murder],” according to the OFW’s mother.

Rajima, 53, said she was very happy that her daughter has been saved from death row as she was always praying to God that Jennifer’s life be spared.

She added that she is hoping that Jennifer can be freed soon through a pardon from the UAE Court of Appeals.

Rajima said their lawyer, who was provided by Migrante International, a non-government organization for OFWs, has been working for the freedom of Jeniffer since April 26.

She added that the DFA continues to give them financial assistance.



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