• Act now vs oxalic acid


    The Department of Health (DOH) should not wait for the number of deaths caused by oxalic acid poisoning to go up before making a decisive move to regulate the sale of the toxic chemical, a public health watchdog said on Wednesday. Thony Dizon, coordinator of EcoWaste Coalition, said the DOH should immediately convene the Inter-Agency Committee on Environment Health to address the problem of death incidents due to oxalic acid poisoning. He pointed out that EcoWaste call is consistent to the “National Chemical Safety and Toxicology Policy” as stipulated in DOH Administrative Order 2013-009. The action being prodded by EcoWaste came on the heels of the findings of the Philippine National Police (PNP) that the death of the couple, Jose Maria and Juliet Escano, on July 9 was due to the oxalic acid. The death of milk tea kiosk owner William Abrigo and his customer Suzanne Dagohoy last April 9 was also caused by oxalic acid. Police forensic doctors said “about 10 µg/mL (micrograms per milliliter) of oxalic acid is considered (a) dangerous amount.” “The average human body contains approximately four liters of blood. Therefore, it will only take about 40 mg of oxalic acid to poison a human body which can potentially lead to a person’s death,” they continued.


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