Actev Motors launches smart kart for kids


Actev Motors has unveiled the Arrow Smart-Kart that is the first smart, electric go-kart for kids.

Designed for children from five to nine years old, the company said the Arrow combines the excitement of a real driving experience with the confidence of parental supervision via the Arrow mobile app, which connects to the Smart-Kart via Wi-Fi and equips parents with several safety features:

Adjustable maximum speed limit (up to 19 kilometers per hour);

Collision avoidance automatically stops Arrow if an obstacle is detected;

Emergency stop button immediately halts Arrow;

Geo-fencing prevents the driver from going outside a parent-defined geographic boundary; and

Inactivity timer alerts the parent if Arrow is motionless for a selectable time period.

The company said kids will be able to customize their driving experience by downloading synthesized engine sounds from an online sound library. The Arrow app also lets kids monitor statistics like total driving time, total distance and maximum speed. In the coming months, the company said a growing list of accessories will become available for the Arrow Smart-Kart, including custom body kits, drifting wheel rings, a Formula One inspired steering wheel, distance-sensing “smart cones,” laser tag sensors and gaming apps.

The company said it aims to transform the kid’s ride-on vehicle market starting with the Arrow. The company, based in Silicon Valley, said it plans to create fun, safe and affordable children’s vehicles by leveraging technology found in today’s smart phones and most advanced cars.

“As a long time-car enthusiast, I wanted to leverage my 35 years of technology experience to bring a whole new category of fun and safe vehicles to families,” said Actev Motors co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Dave Bell. “Simple battery-powered ride-on cars don’t excite today’s kids – they seek high-tech interactive experiences. The Arrow Smart-Kart gets kids off the couch and outside, and behind the wheel of a real driving machine.”

The company said the Arrow Smart-Kart is now available to pre-order online for $599.95 (about P28,557) and will begin shipping in early summer 2016.


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