• Actor Baron Geisler faces two years in jail


    CONTROVERSIAL actor Baron Frederick Geisler was convicted for acts of lasciviousness charges on Monday by a court in Ma-kati City.

    Judge Barbara Aleli Briones of Makati City Municipal Trial Court Branch 61 found accused Geisler guilty of the charges filed against him by victim Patricia Maree Martinez, the eldest daughter of showbiz couple Yayo Aguila and William Martinez.

    The verdict was handed down to Geisler in absentia wherein he was sentenced to six months up to two years imprisonment.

    Apart from the sentence, the court also ordered Geisler to pay Patricia P30,000 for moral damages.

    Patricia filed the charges after Geisler allegedly mashed her breasts at the Fiamma Bar on Jupiter Street in Makati City last April 25, 2008.

    In a 13-page decision, the judge said that the prosecution was able to establish the element of lewdness.

    “The breast touching incident was prefaced by an offer made by the accused to the complainant to have sex. Clearly this invitation for sex is motivated by the need to gratify sexual desire showing lewd intent as contemplated by law,” the decision stated.

    The court also noted the alleged indecent proposal of the actor to the victim.

    In her complaint, Patricia said Baron allegedly invited her to have sex with him and then touched her breasts.

    “The accused intimidated his lewd intent when he brazenly proposed to the private complainant for them to engage in sex,” it added.

    In siding with the prosecution, the court dismissed the defense of Geisler that there was no intent of malice and it was merely an accident.

    “The defense raised that there was no lewd sign as the touching of the breasts is accidental there-fore deserves scant consideration,” it said adding that “the mashing of the private com-plainant’s breasts is actuated by lewd intent.”

    The defense did not present any evidence to contradict the state-ments made by the prosecution, which presented four witnesses, including Patricia, her parents and a friend.


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