Actor Robin Padilla says Duterte is nation’s hope


POPULAR movie actor Robin Padilla has urged Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte to run for President in 2016 saying that the colorful and controversial Mindanao leader is the nation’s hope in the fight against corruption, drugs and criminality.

The equally controversial movie actor, who converted to Islam while in jail for illegal gun possession several years ago, visited the Davao City Mayor with two of his brothers Saturday to pledge his support should Duterte decide to vie for the presidency.

Duterte thanked the movie actor for his pledge of support but continued to be evasive on the issue of the presidency.

Duterte, however, was clear cut in his refusal of Robin Padilla’s offer to do a movie on the life and loves of the 70-year-old mayor who has been called “The Punisher” by the Time Magazine for his highly successful campaign against criminality and his drugs in Davao City.

Duterte’s anti-criminality campaign, called by Human Rights activists as “brutal” and extra-judicial, transformed the city of almost 2 million people from the “Killing Fields” of communist death squads in the 1980s to become No. 4 in the list of the World’s Safest Cities to Live In.

Recently, Davao City was also named the 7th Best Cities to Work In, a recognition mainly based on communications infrastructure, peace and security and the cost of food and living.

In rejecting Robin Padilla’s offer to do a movie on his life, Duterte said in jest that the cost of the production of the movie will be very high because “there will be so many leading ladies.”

Duterte, whose marriage has been annulled, publicly admits to having girlfriends.

There have been previous offers to Duterte for a movie based on his life and exploits as a tough local government official which involved millions of pesos in movie rights but these have all been rejected by the City Mayor.

Duterte, who is a very private person and does not even hold a mobile phone, is known to shun self-aggrandizing propaganda calling this as “epal.”

He maintains a policy of not allowing his name to be emblazoned in billboards erected in government projects all over the city.

Duterte has also refused to receive awards proclaiming him as an “Outstanding Mayor” even from international organizations.

“I am just doing the job which the people of Davao wanted me to accomplish,” Duterte said in turning down the recognitions and awards.


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  1. Alfred Vargz on

    Hahaha… I don’t know if you underatand what you’re talking about. Are belittling the capacity of Atty. (Piscal) Rody Duterte? who the hell are you? Did those personalities you are mentioning have the records of transforming killing fields city into most livable city? Did they have records of applying the law they made in the entire years in the senate? They made laws yes for that but did they apply them? Bullshit ideas of yours. Who is Miriam by the way? Who is poe by the way? They are just senators qho are sitting in the senate interogating people but in the present situation have no idea on how to handle things like spratley island, saba case, mamasapano tragedy, yolanda victims and many more. Is that the way you choose your candate??? Bullshit you!!!

  2. Mayor Duterte has that bravado to go after the criminals in his own turf. Being or becoming a President is a different one, he lacks the skills of Sen Poe, Santiago,among others. Stirring a country is a difficult one. Pinoy was voted as president not by his skill but many Pilipinos who are ngata, awa sa ina na walang ring alam. Kaya kaawaawa ang Pilipinas.Ang sabi nga nila ang Dios ang may sala ng likhain niya ang mundo. Ginawa niya ang middle east na disyerto but I will give oil; to cold countries, but I give you the industry to stockpile your needs. To the Philippines, I will give you resources and bad leaders. Whose to blame now?

  3. Ikabod Bubwit on

    He can at least try for the Vice-Presidency first. If Binay is President and corrupt then the latter can be impeached and Duterte can be President, It’s the best formula !!!

  4. Amnata Pundit on

    I think Duterte will make a much better chief executive than all the presidents that came after Marcos. My only objection is his federal state idea, and the reason is that it is another imposed western system foreign to our people. In the first place, federal states in the West, like the U.S.A., developed over time as individual states first, then later on federated themselves together. Here we will forcibly impose it like all political systems we have had since we became a captive of the West, and so I think it will work out the same way as all our past systems. We need to dig deep into our tradition and history for the answer. The barangay system has been around much longer than we have been westernized ( and I think westernization is the virus that is slowly killing our country), shouldn’t we think out of the box then and try to discover the hidden wisdom behind this ancient system? A government based on the barangay is the closest thing you can get to the grassroots, you cannot get more grassroots than that. What do you think is the secret behind the NPAs resiliency( lets forget about their foreign sponsors for now)? This will eliminate the present political class( who all deserve to be buried at sea anyway, alive!) and finally create a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Duterte can use this idea as the platform to rally all barangay officials and their families behind him. I really hope he adopts this.

  5. P, Akialamiro on

    Mayor Duterte must be on the ‘right’ tract; he has his own unique personality, particularly, his being humble and does not go for recognition. Doing what the people who elected him wants him to accomplish is great enough. I like the man to run for President. We have tough tough problems in the country that we need a tough, but benevolent President like Duterte!