Actor-singer’s new love team draws flak for ‘weird pairing’


    This actor-singer’s (AS) showbiz career is officially back on track after his controversial hiatus. To be fair, while on his break, AS was still making waves in the music scene with viral covers on the internet. Now he’s back in the spotlight sharing the stage with some of the best artists in land country every Sunday in a variety show.

    Though a singer, AS is best known for his acting prowess and charming looks in movies and TV shows. He first made noise when he got into a relationship with his sexy co-star, as well as starring in a hit ‘hugot’ film with a former child star.

    With so many things going for him, AS is getting a lot of flak in social media, not because of him per se, but because of his new onscreen partner for his comeback show. For, despite his proven acting skills, AS—who is nearing his 30s—is being paired with a lesser known teen actress (LKTA) only close to her 20s.

    Netizens were quick to judge the “weird pairing,” declaring the love team won’t work with LKTA looking more like AS’ younger sister. Posts also say there’s no chemistry between the two, especially because LKTA’s acting ability is subpar compared to AS.

    The question now is, why is AS’ management risking his showbiz comeback by agreeing to this pairing? It looks like there are a few key people who aren’t thinking.


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