• Additional trucks seen to boost Army mobility


    AT least 327 military trucks have been added to the fleet of the Philippine Army and are expected to further improve its mobility both in military operation and humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HADR) mission.

    The KM450 military trucks, according to Col. Benjamin Hao, Army spokesman, are part of the 717 KIA motors cargo vehicles bought by the government for P1.937 billion.

    Besides the Army, Hao said the Marines, the Air Force and the Navy will also receive similar trucks to boost their mobility.

    He said the 327 trucks were part of the 590 originally allocated to the Army.
    The rest of the trucks will be coming at the end of the month, Hao added.

    He said the Army technical inspection and acceptance committee has made several tests and the committee is on the final phase of examination.

    Meanwhile, Hao disclosed that pre-bidding for 9,000 rounds of ammunition for 105mm Howitzer is scheduled to start next week.

    Most of the 105s are deployed in Mindanao while some of them are used for parades.
    Hao said most of the artillery are in Mindanao because of operation requirements in the area, unlike in Luzon where the military’s concentration is more on community engagements.

    “We use artillery to soften the ground, we use also the artillery to destroy targets, we use artillery to illuminate the target areas, we use artillery to mark our enemy, our target areas. But in general terms, we can also say [we use artillery to soften]the targets,” he added.


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