• ‘Administration wants to win at all cost’


    FORMER Senator Richard Gordon on Friday expressed serious concerns over a supposed pattern to get rid of the political rivals of the administration and increase the chances of its candidates in the 2016 presidential elections.

    According to Gordon, there is so much talk about the determination of the Administration to win the elections at all cost, including taking “short cuts” which, he said, is very alarming.

    “That’s what happens when an Administration keeps on looking back,  keeps hounding [its]  enemies to the point that is already unfair and becomes very dangerous  for our country,” said Gordon, a common senatorial candidate of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) of Vice President Jejomar Binay and Partido Galing at Puso of Sen. Grace Poe.

    The current chairman of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), he was reacting to a ruling of First Division of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) barring Poe from joining the race to Malacanang next year.

    The former senator said the decision of the First Division had been expected and he believes that the camp of Poe will bring the case to the Supreme Court (SC)  to review the case.

    “Grace Poe is a fighter, she would try to go to the SC on this matter,” Gordon added but clarified that he is not endorsing any candidate.

    He noted that the disqualification case against Poe is part of the propaganda battle just like what they did to the senator’s father, the late Fernando Poe Jr., who was also subjected to a disqualification case but was allowed to run by the High Court.

    Gordon said Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is also facing a disqualification case and, h added, it is not a surprise because of an obvious pattern based on the  timing and the nature of the ruling of the Comelec.

    The former senator added that he is not siding with anyone but insisted that he wants fair play, because that is the reason why he refused to file a disqualification case against Poe in the first place.

    He said he wants to let the people decide in the senator’s case.

    Gordon in October revealed that he was approached by members of UNA and some members of the ruling Liberal Party and suggested to him to file a case to disqualify Poe as senator so that he can replace her, but he did not do it because he wants to get elected in  clean, honest and fair elections.

    “I’m not interested in getting in through the backdoor. I want to make sure the people realize that if they are going to get a country, if they will have real leaders, they have to have honest-to-goodness, clean and fair elections,” he said.

    The Administration, he said, has strong influence on the Comelec since most of its officials, including the chairman, are all appointed by President Benigno Aquino 3rd, and what is disconcerting, according to Gordon, is that the Comelec seems to have no regard for the law.

    He, however, insisted that the law must be applied and if ever the High Tribunal ruled that Poe cannot run, she should comply.

    But as for the decision of the poll body disqualifying Poe, Gordon said it changes nothing, noting that those in Comelec  are political appointees.

    When asked if he thinks that the disqualification case is a desperate move on the part of LP standard-bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd, he replied that Roxas needs to explain his messages to the public very well because so far they have not been doing him any good.

    Gordon said Roxas’ statements on the Maguindanao  massacre, the bullet-planting scandal and most especially on Typhoon Yolanda are all wrong and will not help him win the presidency.

    “We have to w atch it because it appears that we are losing our values, fair play, the good discussions and what is happening right now is that might is right, not might  for right,” he added.


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    1. Carlos de Castro on

      If you want to become pres. of any group you must posses all the requirements needed or ask by that position w/out doing anything to acquire it. You don’t let voters just vote to who are leading in the survey, regardless whether he or she(the candidate) is an ex-convict or not. As far as I know the people whoare tusk to do this is doing it accordingly.

    2. It is indeed a propaganda. They only question her citizenship now which gives away their motive to take out Sen Poe in the presidential race. Winning by default is not a true win.