• Advanced Lab Solutions opens at Centuria Medical

    Hereditary cancer and pre-natal gender tests are among the many advanced diagnostic tests available at the new facility

    Hereditary cancer and pre-natal gender tests are among the many advanced diagnostic tests available at the new facility

    Tests for the early detection of hereditary cancer and pre-natal gender are just among the many advanced diagnostic tests that are now available in the Philippines.

    Advanced Lab Solutions, a new clinic brand under Hi-Precision Diagnostics located in Centuria Medical Makati, is offering advanced tests such as the Myriad myRisk Hereditary Cancer test and the Panorama Non-Invasive Pre-Natal Screening.

    The hereditary cancer test aids in detecting gene mutations associated with eight forms of cancers such as breast, ovarian, colorectal, pancreatic, melanoma, prostate and endometrial while the Panorama test detects a baby’s gender, aside from genetic abnormalities such as Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, Patau Syndrome, Triploidy, and certain sex chromosome abnormalities.

    Its partnership with strong and reputable partner locators such as the Advanced Lab Solutions by Hi-Precision Diagnostics underscores Centuria Medical Makati’s mission of strengthening outpatient health care and medical services in the country.

    With the clinic now open on the ninth floor at Centuria Medical Makati, the new brand’s flagship center features advanced diagnostic technologies and modern facilities designed to provide patients a wide range of laboratory services, high quality assistance, and a carefully designed and modern clinic environment.

    The Advanced Lab Solutions clinic not only has a logical clinic design for the patient convenience courtesy of Hi-Precision’s own in-house team, it also has equipment ready for use on site.

    “Our clinics are designed for the utmost convenience of our patients, that is why we supply it with useful equipment such as X-ray, 2D Echo, ultrasound, and even a treadmill (for stress tests),” said Selwyn Cu, Hi Precision Vice President for Business Development.

    “It is important to us that Advanced Lab Solutions by Hi-Precision adopts a strategy of patient-centric servicing because outstanding patient experience is premium to us at Centuria Medical,” said Centuria Medical Makati general manager Rey Dimaano.

    Hi-Precision Diagnostics is the country’s largest network of medical diagnostic facilities. It offers high quality medical services, including tests that are not readily available to most Filipinos through its international laboratory affiliates. It is also a trusted supplier of medical tests by medical institutions in the country.

    Dubbed as the trusted “reference hub for laboratory services” in the health care industry, it opened its first branch in 1996 and has expanded since then.

    To serve its clients better, it continues to acquire technology including a Laboratory Information System and a Bar-Coded Specimen system, both of which allow for accurate and systematic patient data archiving. Hi-Precision Diagnostics is also the first diagnostics clinic in the country to offer an online portal where patients can log in to get their results. Its clients can also access their lab result history and records by downloading a Hi-Precision Diagnostic’s special app through their smartphones. Patients of its Advanced Lab Solutions clinic at Centuria will also be able to access this technology.

    Centuria Medical Makati is a medical IT outpatient center located in Century City, Kalayaan Avenue in Makati. It will house more than 650 clinics as well as commercial spaces such as cafes, restaurants and pharmacy outlets.

    The medical arts building boasts of advanced medical facilities and designer interiors for a truly patient-friendly ambience. Centuria Medical’s other features include a Day Surgery Center, Radiology Center, Exclusive Recovery Suites, and an Ambulance Transfer Service. The Asia Breast Center is also locating in Centuria this year.


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