‘Adventure’ with Araullo; ‘Ride’ with Reedus



Travel shows are a dime a dozen. So how does one stand out from the rest and attract viewers? Apart from a getting great production team, a great host is key. Personally, I like hosts who really do focus more on the places and the people rather than making the show about themselves.

Broadcast journalist and athlete Atom Araullo has a new 30-minute show on AXN called “Adventure Your Way.” Adventure Your Way relies on crowdsourcing to offer choices to Atom regarding his next destination and activities. People on social media (mainly Facebook) send him messages, he goes through them and makes a pick, and once he gets there, he then opens himself up to on the spot invitations and challenges.

The pilot episode sends him off to Cebu where he has some “sutokil,” hikes waterfalls and goes skydiving. Atom has a great hosting style where he really likes to focus on the people he encounters, he really likes to bring others into the picture. “Adventure Your Way” offers great suggestions for those looking for ideas on where to go for their next trip.

Atom Araullo relies on crowdsourcing for his next destination

Adventure Your Way airs its pilot at 8:30 pm on Thursday night, February 8 on AXN. You can interact with the host and show runners on their Facebook page, Adventure Your Way Ph. Ride has two full seasons on AMC.

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For that subset of people who have jumped ship on “The Walking Dead” but still dig Norman Reedus (seriously, there can’t be just me), there’s “RIDE with Norman Reedus.” In “Ride,” Norman gets on a motorcycle, finds a ride buddy and hits the open road, meets all sorts of characters, sees out of the way curiosities and eats at these great little mom and pop type eateries.

While people do recognize him and say hello, Norman and his ride buddy for the week let go of being “celebrities” and just relish being in the middle of awesome landscapes, interesting little towns and communities, they just love the rush of being outside, that “trickle of summer sweat on the forehead.”

“Ride” has gone to Death Valley, Spain, Lousiana, New Mexico, Hawaii’s Big Island, Joshua Tree and Appalachia among others. And while his co-riders have been men like Peter Fonda (the original Easy Rider), Greg Nicotero (effects and make up genius, director), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (TWD’s Negan), Chef Mario Batali, and controversial comedian Dave Chapelle, his first ride buddy was Imogen Lehtonen a “badass on a bike” who comes from a family of jewelry makers known for their skull rings. On the second episode he goes to Dante’s View in Death Valley with the founding members of Babes Ride Out.

At the end of each show, there’s always a short commentary about the episode’s ride—be it about being an outsider or a misfit, meeting amazing people, being reminded of the vast expanse of the planet, escape, solitude, appreciation. He knows he is very fortunate to be able to ride and shows his happiness, joy and gratitude each time.


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