• AES Watch to seek voiding of VP polls

    FIGHTING FOR MARCOS Supporters of incoming president Rodrigo Duterte and Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. show their unity during a gathering in Quezon City. The group questioned the use of a new script by Smartmatic. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    FIGHTING FOR MARCOS Supporters of incoming president Rodrigo Duterte and Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. show their unity during a gathering in Quezon City. The group questioned the use of a new script by Smartmatic. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

    A poll watchdog said on Saturday that it will ask the Supreme Court to invalidate the result of the vice presidential race, saying the credibility of the polls was put in doubt with the admission of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) that Smartmatic used a new script midway through the canvassing of votes.

    Credible election advocate Glenn Chong, a member of AES Watch, said that his group will have no other choice but to file a petition at the High Court.

    “I think only the vice presidential race was compromised. The results of the presidential race is okay,” Chong told The Manila Times.

    He said his group will include as respondents in the soon to be filed case officials of Smartmatic and the Comelec.

    “The Smartmatic for not following the protocol and the Comelec for negligence in ensuring that the procedures are followed strictly. How can they miss this simple problem of missing ‘ñ’ character?” said Chong, who described the irregularity as electronic vote-padding and vote-shaving or cyber ‘dagdag-bawas.’

    Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon on Friday said Smartmatic should be investigated by the commission en banc. If found guilty of violating laws, Smartmatic may be fined and be banned for making business with the poll body.

    The camp of Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. had also called on the Comelec to conduct an audit of of the system and platform of the servers used during the elections.

    The senator’s camp said that the changing of the hash tag by Smartmatic may have altered the vote results.

    Insiders told the Times that Marcos prefers a vote recount but this can only be done if the May 9 election is invalidated.

    Meanwhile, Marcos appealed for continued vigilance as he cited reports that as of Friday, over 3,800 Vote Counting Machines (VCMs) still could not transmit election results.

    “With a considerable number of votes that have yet to be transmitted, we have to remain vigilant, yet calm and sober, to ensure that the true will of the people will be reflected in the results of the elections,” he said.

    Also, 555 VCMs from polling precincts in the Middle East and Africa still have to transmit results, 310 from North and Latin America, 339 from Asia and 152 from Europe. These VCMs supposedly account for around 980,000 registered voters.

    Marcos said that 333 VCMs from Lanao del Sur have yet to transmit election results, as well as 207 from Surigao del Sur, 158 from Maguindanao and 160 from Sulu.

    “I will rest when I am satisfied that the results that are being counted, that are official, are actually validated by the results as we can certainty confirm it from local reports that we get from the different precincts,” the senator said.

    Although the official canvassing of the presidential and vice presidential votes will start on May 25, Marcos has tapped a battery of lawyers to be led by former Comelec chairman Sixto Brillantes.

    The lawmaker thanked his volunteers and supporters for accompanying him in his unity campaign. He said they deserve commendation for helping him in the campaign and keeping the faith as he fights for the integrity of the elections.

    “I want to profusely thank our volunteers and our supporters for their selfless act of giving their time and effort in helping ensure free, honest and credible elections,” he said.

    Robredo leads
    As of yesterday morning, Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo was still leading in the vice presidential race.

    The unofficial canvassing of votes by the Parish Pastoral Council on Responsible Voting (PPCRV) showed Robredo enjoying a wide lead over Marcos.

    With about 96.05 percent of precincts counted, Robredo had 14,014,517 votes and Marcos got 13,798,213 votes as of 11:45 a.m.

    However, the tabulation showed that only 1,304 votes were added to the lead of Robredo since 8:45 p.m. on Friday.

    The camp of Robredo will hold a thanksgiving mass at 3 p.m. today at the Church of the Gesu at the Ateneo de Manila University for a successful and peaceful elections.

    The event is open to the public.

    Robredo’s eldest daughter, Aika, will lead the praying of the rosary ahead of the mass.

    On Friday, Robredo’s camp called on their supporters and the public to trust the Commission on Elections and its partners instead of falling for doubt peddlers.

    Georgina Hernandez, spokesperson of Robredo, said that claims of poll rigging were never substantiated.

    “We call on the public to believe and trust the authorities and the democratic exercise that our country is undergoing right now. The Comelec itself said that the changing of hash code would not affect the election results. Yes, issues like this could affect the minds of the public, but we are to clarify and emphasize that such changes won’t have any bearing on the final results of the elections,” Hernandezsaid.

    “We stand by what the Comelec and the foreign observers had said that there was no poll fraud. May duda man o wala, hindi nagbabago ang numero ng resulta ng eleksyon. Hindi po kami nag-aalala dahil ang halalan ay natapos na po noong Mayo 9 (Whether there are doubts or not, it doesn’t change the election results. We are not worried because the elections are already over),” she stressed



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    1. Lennie Robredo is an accomplish on this scam. She was cock sure she was the winner even if all the results were not in. An opportunist person her will never be victorious, somehow carma will set in. Shame Lennie! Your husband must be sumersaulting in his grave, definitely you belong to the yellow turds.

    2. Smarter script recognized a security issue for the newly elected president. Just doing its program job to ensure a full term longevity of his presidency.

    3. Leni Robredo cheated her way in the May 2013 elections and it is clear that she is
      cheating her way again in the 2016 elections through the help of the LP Party -Abad, PNoy and Smartmatic

    4. mahirap intindihin o paniwalaan ang sinasabi na paliwanag at smartmatic na dalawang password ang kailangan para makapagbago ng hashcode pero nagawa ng smartmatic na sila lang na hindi nabigay o nabuksan ng comelec sa kanila tapos sabhin niu na malinis at matagumpay ang eleksiyon. nangyari na sa U.S ang ganitong dayaan na sangkot ang smartmatic kaya dapat imbestigahan ng I.T expert yan

    5. Amado P. Salvador on

      Of course this group has all the right to file a case with the SC to ask the high court to invalidate the vp election results. But getting a favorable decision is another.

    6. You are not an information Technology Expert,my advice go back to School and Take computer Science.If you did? You had the answer…..Okay fool….

    7. Regardless of the outcome of the results of the VP race, both the Comelec and Smartmatic, the hardware and software used including all the management and staff and anyone of both organizations involved from the point of voter registration to the voting itself, transmission of votes, and the results reported by the automated machines should be subject to an independent review. In this manner, the adequacy, accuracy, and integrity of the election results, the internal controls and processed implemented are independently audited by one of the Big 4 audit organizations. If there was a point of failure in the automated election process, this should show in the audit reports. Now, you can take this to the Supreme Court if you are an aggrieved party.

    8. Only those Stupid and Idiot people, doesnt know about IT and computer. Change of any codes or letter in the present system will definitely affect the whole system..
      Cite an example computer language about numbering in each line.. You want to make your numbering is sequence by not typing in manual. Justs type in one line .
      sample, i.e. +1+ then move cursor on top, you will see no.1, if there is already fig, on the sheet, just type no.2, then the whole figures will change… See .. this is the computer language.. every sign, like commas, hypen , there is a meaning and it will change the program.. Now do you understand mga stupid… Iam not a computer program but i am computer wizard..Therefore smartmatic or comelect employee who change the hash codes, is guilty of cheating… Lolokohin ninyo kami… We are not born yesterday… Matagal na pala kayo niloloko ng SMArTMATIC NA ITO…Niloloto tayo ng mga ito sa sarili nating mantika…GUILTY OF CHEATING…

    9. The vast power of Pnot is clearly well fortified if not for the overwhelming support of the citizens Digong would have suffered the same fate as Bonget. It is clear as the morning sun that he was cheated yet paid hacks are everywhere defending belzebub.

    10. I will bet all my marbles if the Supreme Court will invalidate the election without tangible proof that the votes were counted wrong. These people are just sour losers. The Supreme Court does not operate on hearsays and gossips. Show them the proof that BBM wins by providing vote counts. The justices are not stupid. I am sure about that.There might be violation made by Smartmatic but to invalidate the whole election is just out of this world.

      • Pls. try to read the news properly, AES group is not asking to invalidate the whole election, only the VP position was compromised not the whole election election as you said.

      • Then we could ask IT Tech Forensic, to make it credible, lets get from independent IT forensic firm, accredited by US Defense Dept. Lets make some System Audit of Comelec, let them see if ñ is just what ONLY altered and not affecting the counting of the election.

      • What more proof??… irrespective of what the vote results are showing COMELEC admitted already that smartmatic personnel TAMPERED the hash code of the system without any official authorization….. only dumb people would believed their story of cosmetic change…. get me…

      • charlie castro on

        To the max, obviously halatado masyado pagka-bias mo… Leny Robredo is a succer! takut na takot ka tulad nila na mabisto kung meron nga dayaan na nangyari? Ikaw na pala ang bagong upo na mahistrado sa supreme court at kaya mo basahin ang isipan nilla? ang husay mo pangalanan ang ilang pilipino na “stupid” pero ikaw siguro ang pinaka-stupido sa kanila. whaat? Ikaw na nagsabi.. “there might be” violation made by smartmatic.. baka alam mo rin.. ikaw na! kasamA ka talaga sa mga stupi na member ng korte suprema na nag-allow kay grace poe na tumakbo kahet napakaliwanag sa kasulatan ng constitution kung ano ang nilabag niya. by the way. alam mo ba ang constitution? huwag ka ng magpaliwanag.. stupid ka nga pala!

    11. Unless this VCM issue could be legally and technically explained by Smartmatic management to the full satisfaction of all, there remains CLEAR DOUBTS as to whether Mrs Robredo indeed clinched the Vice Presidency. And should she be declared to have won the Vice Presidency, an uncanny stigma will remain in her entire political career and even in her personal life.

      Common sense dictates that as pre election surveys showed that Senator Marcos was leading in the VP race heightened by initial but significant percentage of voting results in his favor, the gentleman from Ilocos must be the runaway winner.

      The confirmation by no less than Smartmatic IT technicians that code changes were done while the canvassing of votes was going on, proves that something fishy was deliberately put-in-place to turn the tide against Senator Marcos.

      In fairness to the Filipino electorate who went to the polls last May 9, the COMELEC should take this matter by the horn and hold in abeyance any proclamation for the Vice Presidency winner until this particular issue is resolved beyond reasonable doubt. (Mohr Naga)

    12. Bong bong should stop acting as if it is still the era of MARSHALL LAW days. My advice stop acting like a spoiled brat, be man.

      • Asking for fair count and removal of doubts is not acting like a “spoiled brat”. Give the man a fair count and everything would be accepted in the VP race. Refusal of a fair count and audit of the system due to the change of hash code adds to doubts. Let’s all stand on the side of justice.

      • Daniel B. Laurente on

        You are really not reasonable man. Your brain is still on Martial Law days. Did he hurt personally?

    13. The money that Marcos is using that’s the money that came from the stolen wealth. I wondered why we became pawn to the ambition of Bong bong. I can’t even believed that Santiago became a usable method of Marcos ambition to become a president. Their kind don’t belong in the political arena. The injustices Marcos had committed, I guess if you were never a victim it’s acceptable. But if you are a decent person who believe in God and won’t allow any injustice against anyone, you will be the first person to stop the idiocy, the stupidity and most of all the injustice.

      • How about the injustices happened during Aquino do you condone that or you are just another fans who only see what you want to see they are looking for people like you in North Korea

    14. jean cawagas on

      Although I could not vote, I campaigned for Leni Robredo. I wrote to my friends and relatives and asked them to vote for her. I would like her to win in a fair reflection of the people’s will. I would appreciate a more magnanimous and humble stance from the Leni Robredo camp until the election results are final.

    15. Why should we believe Comelec when it says that there was no poll fraud when it appears that they were responsible for the introduction of a program supposed to correct certain problems without the approval of the Comelec en banc? Why is Commissioner Guanzon so agitated that smartmatic made changes without informing the entire commission? Giving thanks to God at this time is still premature. God will not accept thanks from a group which might be involved in cheating. One cannot just put behind was is not yet properly resolved.

    16. BBM is making sarswela drama play to rig the election in his favor V. P. is his steping stone game to finally get the country once in power a replay of the father Sr. to subjugate the country all over again. Divine Intervention above is strongly watching day and night and BBM plans will all fail just like what happened in EDSA in the 80’s that Marcos ARMY Forces grind to halt armed with tanks cannons against rosaries and prayers. Evil will never triumph against the forces of good and holy. BBM doesnt get this in his mind.

      • The issue at hand is whether there has been an election fraud. Granting without accepting that Marcos Sr. committed abuses during his time, aren’t we all striving for an honest and fair election whether for or against a Marcos? Most people have twisted logic nowadays. It’s even awful to learn that there are people who say they are against fraud but turn a blind eye when fraud is being committed against a Marcos. How upright can they be?

    17. This so called poll watch dog is nothing but paid hacks of Bongbong Marcos. I am from the so called solid north but the Ilocano votes that was transmitted earlier in the counting is not enough to stonewall any surge from Leni Robredo. A watchful media and honest participants including foreign observers who want nothing less but a credible outcome of the election can easily detect and report any fraud. The well oiled Bongbong machinery all have to do is to produce their own copies of ER’s and compare with official returns available among contending parties or accredited watchdogs down to the precinct level.Any right thinking filipinos will conclude if their is massive fraud. They have nothing to show so far except to howl in anguished protest the steady rise of Robredo to increase her lead.What these people cannot accept is that a political unknown is preventing the grand plan of their idol Marcos to return to malacanang and make this nation great again.

    18. Mark Torres on

      Don’t file a case. It will not prosper. If Comelec does not allow its system to be scrutinized, just hope the Anonymous group to hack it. Fair enough?

    19. Chico Ibarra on

      It’s a mess that only Pnoy could say why it happened. Too much uncontrolled hatred towards BBM could only ruin every good intentions that Pnoy has for this country. For in the end, it all was self- serving.

    20. regardless the outcome if robledo win her victory is already tainted by fraud despite all the money and govt,machinery they used.still a tight race.

    21. Rodan Guerrero on

      They did it in 2010 and 2013…now they should not succeed in cheating again. Leni Robredo knows she lost and should avoid subjecting herself to Aquino`s crimes. She should instead fight Aquino against the cospiracy which she knows on the death of her husband. She should stay out of Aquino`s trap but help jail him instead.

    22. I’m not for any vice presidential candidate but to change the script or computer program on the fly is a no no. This should not have happened. A simple change of a running program can trigger all sorts of results. How can anybody say that it did not affect the counting result? Where is the audit trail due to the changes made? Smartec should be fined and sent to jail for doing this. Comelec should be a little more smarter. They should have put a freeze on the running script and changed can only be done with the authorization from comelec.

      • Chico Ibarra on

        A recount of votes would allay all suspicion of irregularity, and will help preserve the integrity of the electoral system. It will also gauge the credibility of Smartmatic as vendor. A recount will be a win-win situation for all. Why hold punches?