Afghan vice president accused of sexually assaulting rival


KABUL: Allegations that Afghanistan’s first vice resident and his guards sexually assaulted a political rival while holding him captive in his private compound prompted calls on Tuesday from the country’s Western allies for a government investigation. Abdul Rashid Dostum, a former warlord who has a catalogue of war crimes attached to his name, is accused of ordering his guards to seize Ahmad Ishchi last month in northern Jowzjan province during a game of buzkashi, or polo with a carcass. Dostum allegedly kept Ishchi hostage in his private enclave for five days, where he was said to be tortured and sodomized. “He told me ‘I will throw you under the horses and do buzkashi on you’,” Ishchi, a former Jowzjan governor, told local Tolo television on Tuesday. “He [Dostum] said first I want to have sex with him. His men rolled up my clothes… Then Dostum told 10 of his men to sodomize me until my anus ruptures and bleeds.” Dostum’s office dismissed the comments as a conspiracy to defame him.


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