A former national security adviser “maybe misinformed” when he slammed the leadership of the Armed Forces of the Philippines for failing to recognize China’s aggression in the disputed South China Sea (West Philippines Sea), according to AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Hernando Iriberri.

    Nevertheless, Iriberri on Sunday said he respects Roilo Golez’s opinion even as he pointed out that if he was incompetent, President Benigno Aquino 3rd would not have appointed him to the top military post.

    In a forum in Manila last week, Golez described Iriberri as not competent enough to realize the significance of modernizing the AFP through the procurement of modern war materiel.

    “Unfortunately, th[is]ha[s]been effectively canceled by the new AFP chief and instead has opted for the procurement of new helmets and protective vests for our soldiers,” he said.

    Also a former congressman from Paranaque City (Metro Manila), Goles added that the Commission on Appointments should not confirm Iriberri’s appointment because the AFP chief is incompetent in leading the AFP in the face of external threats.

    But Iriberri said he is not affected by the allegation because his record can speak for itself.

    “I respect everyone’s opinion but as I said, as far as I’m concerned my record can speak for itself and I think [that is why I thank President Benigno Aquino 3rd]for his trust and confidence [in]my competence,” he added.

    “I respect [Golez’s] own [opinion], that’s his opinion and I respect that. Bawat isa naman sa atin may opinion and baka misinformed lang sya hindi pa nya nakita yung process [Everyone of us his own opinion and maybe [Golez] was misinformed, maybe he has not seen the process],” the AFP chief said.


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    1. Iriberre and taccad are just the same, i wonder why the president appoint this bullshit leaders!!!!

    2. Braulio Comelab on

      The AFP chief of staff has surely got it wrong to prioritise the helmets over missile defence system. If he insists that he is not a moron, he must reconsider his decision

    3. I agree, you (Iriberri) is a competent one. Otherwise, you are one of a corrupt military official who would like to shift the SBMS project just because Israeli don’t want to give you an amount in exchange for your approval. Or, you don’t know anything when it comes to military tactics and know how to arming up our defense against foreign threat. You are so lawsy, and why Pnoy choose this incompetent General? Why? Even this (Irriberri) is not capable to manage the whole AFP. To Mr. Iriberri try to check the site below and try to find out how Chinese Military General are working on, unlike you, nothing…… be practical Sir and wake up so you see the real situation.


    4. We need those BongBong Missile!!! From the mother(Cory) up to his son(d 3rd). Our beloved country continously worsen and misled. That shoals and reefs are intact/controlled by us, before they enter the scene. You know what I mean.

    5. eh puro naman talaga sila incompetent who said they arent? meron ng nangyaring story long time ago about the kevlar.helmet there is the so called dugasan blues way back Ramos??? mukhang mauulit… puede bang ihulog sa reclaimed island ng chink ang helmet at pasabugin.ang.mga structure HELL NO!!!we are in dire needs.of missile….bahag ang mgq buntot…..hey hey eriberri, Pnoy, when you sing our national anthem asan.na yung “ANG MAMATAY NG DAHIL SAYO” sana ito.na lang ginawang National.anthem.”for the land of the free and the home of the brave” kaso either.bahag ang buntot o pera pera na naman.SOB ‘iches

    6. Mr. Iriberri, if you are not incompetent, why does China takes our island of sharabough shoal? Are you not aware of these activities by chinas aggression?
      This is negligence on your part esp to your boss, who is more stupid, idiot and incompetent President of the Philippines ever had..So do, you are..
      Lahat nmn na nasa malacanang ay Incompetent people. Mga inutil, at walang silbi
      sa bayang Pilipinas..

    7. Any AFP appointed since the term of Pnoy are not qualified why? because they don’t know what they are doing many Filipino don’t know and recognized them, any one of them did not condemned china for buliding artificial island in our sea territory, even the senate didnot investigate sen.Trillanes involvement in this controversial issue. Our country should prepare for war if this artifial island built by China will be destroyed immediately. Some ASEAN members are stupid they didnot confront China’s aggression they are divided because of the money offered to their country..The best thing our country shoudl do is to buy weapons, aircrafts and acquire nuclear bomb to detroy China, our soldiers are experienced and seasoned fighters that will never surrender to big country but weak China.American Filipino voters in USA should not Vote a presidential candidate who doesnot denounce china’s aggression and vote a candidate who will defend and support Philippines in case of war with china.

    8. Typical Army mindset, wherein they rely on patronage politics to gain power, and focus on the small not the bigger picture; and the Army prides itself as being territorial in nature, yet their leader does not know his priorities in territorial defense! Does anyone smell the old adage in the AFP of ” how to make easy money through commisions through local dealers ” here? imagine, clear and present danger, declared by no less than the natl security adviser, and the chief of staff in cahoots with snd who is his patron and colleague in the Army ( who know baka mason ka bro pa niya!), focusing on internal defence when they proclaim all is under control, unlike external defence wherein with their folly, we may end up with NO CONTROL on any thing whatsoever! my gulaaaay…

    9. Marami nga ang nainis kay Ireberri nung kinansel niya ang Missile program. At ipinalit sa Php 6B project ay sakto niyang nacompute sa pagbili ng mga gamit na previously ay napondohan na at nakabili na. Hmmmmm Gov’t to gov’t kasi ang Missile program kaya wala sigurong mapapala talaga dun. Mayayaman na ang mga generals na ito sa dami ng mga negosyo bat kailangan pa kaya ng datung.

    10. He says that pnoy wouldn’t have appointed him if he was incompetent. The moron in the palace is just being consistent in keeping intact their dumb and dumber gang when he appointed this latest man together with the rest like garin, abaya, catapang (just retired), coloma, lacierda, lady gaga, etc etc. I agree with Roilo that getting thousands of helmets in lieu of more strategic modernization items for the AFP is a glaring stupidity and clearly a sign of utter incompetence and since pnoy is an incompetent himself so what else is new. God have mercy on us.

    11. Dear President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of The Philippines,

      We have relative peace, the communist insurgency is on the wane and the Muslim secession is tempered. Thanks to your political and economic policies.

      I am asking now why we need 81,000 helmets when local military problems are on the downswing.

      Don’t we need the missiles with greater urgency? We need to be able to back-up our words with something to deter more hostile moves from China.

      Please reconsider the ‘postponement’ of the much-needed missile purchase.

    12. He is incompetent and should have not been selected for the position. this are the kind of leaders that we have now and keep the country stagnant. why he was selected is beyond my comprehension.