• AFP might ranked 14th in Asia


    THE Philippines is not in the Top 30 militaries of the world, but it was ranked 31st out of 68 countries rated in terms of potential conventional war-making capabilities.

    According to statistics posted on the website www.globalfirepower.com or GFP, Spain edged out the Philippines—its former colony—in the 30th position. However, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) fared better than Malaysia’s Armed Forces, which landed on the 33rd spot.

    In the Asia-Pacific Region, which the website described as “gearing up for a full-fledged arms race,” the Philippines ranked 14th among 20 countries considered for their military might. The AFP was also ranked higher than Singapore, Afghanistan, Georgia, Mongolia and Nepal.

    North Korea was only a notch higher than the Philippines in the region at number 13. But in the global and regional scale, China, Taiwan and Vietnam, which also claim areas in the Spratlys Group of Islands, are on top of the list.

    In the region, the Top 10 are Russia, China, India, South Korea, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.

    GFP listed the Library of Congress, CIA.gov/CIS World Fact Book, EIA.gov, energy.eu, SIPRI.org and Wikipedia as the sources of its data.

    No nukes
    “Global firepower provides a unique analytical display of data concerning today’s world military powers. Sixty eight countries are currently considered for ranking which allows for a broad spectrum concerning comparison of comparative military strengths,” the website said.

    It clarified, however, that “nuclear capability is not taken into account as the inclusion of such weapons would defeat the purpose of such comparisons.”

    “The GFP ranking is based strictly on each nation’s potential conventional war-making capabilities across land, sea and air while incorporating values related to logistical, financial and geographical positions,” it stressed.

    The ranking used 40 factors to determine each nation’s Power Index score.

    “The final GFP ranking is based on formula utilizing over 40 factors to which these are compiled and measured against each included nation. From this score, the finalized ranking is generated. The factors are set within our algorithm which provides a fair canvass and allows smaller, technology advanced nations to compete with larger, lesser-advanced ones,” GFP said.

    Among the 40 factors considered for the ratings are the number of active military personnel, total aircraft strength, total helicopter strength, tanks, artillery, mortars, logistical vehicles and Navy strength.

    “Sources are stated when possible but it must be understood that some statistics have to be estimated if not publicly available,” GFP added.

    Included in the Top 10 military power in the world are the United States, Russia, China,
    India, United Kingdom, France, Germany, South Korea, Italy and Brazil.

    The US remains on the top spot for having 1.47 million active military personnel and another 1.45 million reserves; 15,293 aircraft; 6,665 helicopters; 8,325 tanks;106,407 logistical vehicles; 290 Navy ships; 10 aircraft carriers; and 71 submarines.

    Globally, the Philippine military was ranked higher than Switzerland, South Africa, Syria, Singapore, Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq, Libya and Kuwait, among many others.

    PH, China, Taiwan
    By comparison, the AFP appears puny to China’s 2.3 million active personnel compared to the Philippine military’s 120,000 total organic force; 5,048 aircraft to 184; 901 helicopters to 89; 7,950 tanks to 41; 25,000 artillery to 270; 10,050 mortars to 1,070; 75,850 military vehicles to 3,400; 972 ships to 110; 63 submarines and one aircraft carrier, both of which the Philippines has none.

    Meanwhile, Taiwan has an active military force of 290,000. It also has 805 tanks, 282 helicopters, 2,005 tanks, 1,160 artillery, 2,000 mortars, 16,000 logistical vehicles and four submarines.

    Taiwan’s Navy, however, only has a fleet of 49 ships while the Philippines has 110.


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