• AFP: No info on ‘oust-Duterte’ plot


    THE Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has so far not monitored any group hatching a plot to oust President Rodrigo Duterte or destabilize the government, a military official said on Sunday.

    “We see no groups nor interest groups that might destabilize the government,” said Col. Edgard Arevalo, chief of the AFP Public Affairs Office.

    Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar earlier warned of a supposed effort to unseat the President, quoting a Cabinet secretary who was in New York.

    Arevalo said even retired military officers have been quiet.

    Active military officers, meanwhile, have become more professional and were unlikely to join destabilization moves, he said.

    “We have learned from our past experiences and we don’t want to repeat what had happened in the past as adventurism or destabilization efforts often damaged our economy and the country,” Arevalo pointed out.

    “Now that we have already picked up economically, our economic gains are better, we do not want the Armed Forces as a professional organization to take part in those activities that would disrupt these developments. As of now we are brokering peace with all quarters, it’s quite remote for the Armed Forces to be the one to cause destabilization,” he added.

    Last week, Andanar said Malacañang already knew the identities of the people behind the plot to oust President Duterte. He warned the plotters to think twice before carrying out their plan.

    But he expressed confidence the ouster plot would not prosper because Duterte obtained a high trust rating early in his presidency.

    Duterte had accused the “Yellows” — members of the erstwhile ruling Liberal party — of involvement in the plot to impeach him. Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo, the Liberal titular head, has denied this.



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      >>>They’re not expecting any military action or up-rising will come out because of lessons they have experienced during the “mutiny action made by group lead by Trillanes”.
      >>>The mode of action will be constantly and daily activities to be done thru digital social media and other inclined cohorts local media webite /online newspaper and TV networks such as Inquirer or PDI and A BiaS TV Networks, UNTV, etc.
      Then automatically those foreign news/media reporters will simultaneously forwarded all negative parts of the news especially that part sensationalized by local news reporters and broadcasters.
      And this foreign news reporters will distribute that sensationalized news items in different foreign media network like Time Magazine, Guardian, BBC, CNN & Tribune (USA).

      So in this mode of activities from Duterte’s foe & enemies, the ICC will be having a reasons and issues to interferes and investigates the Philippines internal affairs. And if their aims and such investigation will have a positive against Pres. Du30 government, then the ICC will charge” President DU30 of crime against humanity”.

      Then the worse will be occured, naturally mass actions will be held by two rivals group ( Pro vs Anti’s), and will ends with trouble and disobedience (if). This will come into CHAOS ON THE ROADS.

    2. Tanga ba silang aamin? Syempre hindi.. deny to death sila. Ang gawin ay ang bilisan ang election protest ni BBM at ni Tolentino para masilip na ang mga balota.