• AFP, PNP brace for terror attacks


    PIKIT, North Cotabato: Police and military authorities in North Cotabato are on heightened alert against possible retaliatory attacks by recruits of Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and Abdul Basit Usman.

    Army Colonel Audie Edralin, commander of the 7th Infantry Battalion based in Pikit, said soldiers have been on alert since January 25 when police commandos clashed with members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

    Marwan was killed in the firefight but Usman escaped along with about 15 armed followers.

    Maguindanao Gov. Esmael “Toto” Mangudadatu said Usman is still in Maguindanao.

    He appealed to Moro villagers in communities where Usman and his men are believed to be hiding to report his presence to police or military authorities “so the bombings in Maguindanao and nearby areas will stop.”

    “There is a possibility that bombers trained by Marwan and Usman will launch retaliatory attacks in populated areas to get back at the death of their leader,” Edralin told reporters.

    The military official believes that Pikit was among the target of the terrorists. He said two suspected bombers were killed in Pikit three days after the Mamasapano incident when the improvised bomb they were carrying prematurely exploded.

    This intelligence information was corroborated by the local police.

    Senior Insp. Sindatu Karim, Pikit police chief, said Asraf Mohammad and Jomar Palaguyan, both of Pikit, were recruits of Marwan and Usman.

    The two were blasted to death on the night of January 28 while on board a Baja motorcycle along Manuel Quezon Avenue in Pikit town proper.

    Witnesses said Asraf, 28, was driving the motorbike and Palaguyan, 29 was carrying a box on his lap when it suddenly exploded at 6:20 p.m.

    “I was shocked seeing mangled body,” said witness Cesar Eleuterio, 34, who was on his way to the convenience store when the blast happened. “I felt strong wind coming to me right after the blast,” he said.

    Karim said bomb experts recovered fragments of 60-mm mortar with mobile phone as the trigger mechanism at the blast site.



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    1. vagoneto rieles on

      As far as the Bongsamoro, the MILF and the MNLF are concerned, the ‘Bangsamoro Basic Law’ is a done deal.A reality. To them, Congress’ ratification, the Supreme Court’s vote of constitutionality, and the affirmation by a plebiscite would be nice but not necessary..that’s just frosting on the cake. As from the day that both negotiating panels signed the draft and,celebrated the event together with the Malaysian observers, the Bangsamoro had begun its life. This view is supported by Murad Ebrahim’s letter of the 29th December 2014 which, in effect, presumes that the decision of the ‘panel’ reflects the approbation of Congress, the Supreme Court and the President himself. Between the lines, Murad’s letter implies that the ‘peace agreement’ is now cast in stone. I might be very wrong about the Muslim mindset, (and I hope I am); but, going by our experience in dealing with the Muslim, in Marawi, Cotabato and Jolo, I could be right..and we are screwed.
      It is time for the AFP and the PNP to renew their pledge of allegiance to the Republic and the Constitution, to hone their martial skills and, to stay alert at all times. A repeat of ‘Mamasapano’ is not an option.

    2. Hello to the Philippines! I am a Canadian who reads periodically the Times. I am very saddened of the corruption, the gile, the lefties in the media who can successfully change filipino’s minds to hate the President. Mr. President has good Christian intentions for peace between Christian filipinos and the Moslem terrorists. Please, remember, that the war has been going on even before the 1970s, and peace has never been achieved. It is time to organize and to fight back fire with fire.
      Moslems are sneaky and slippery. They hide amongst the children in schools, causing the Christian military not to bomb the schools. They are cowards, yet they are very well organized and clever. THEY have better weapons than we do, they have the money given to them from fellow Moslems in the mosques internationally. We must respect the enemy, they always seem to have the element of surprise.
      I say to our President Noy Noy, I respect you as a fellow Christian, but it is time to stop this peaceful agenda. People are killed, and butchered and chopped up into small pieces. These Moslems are animals. NO code they follow. In war, when the enemy is defenceless, the enemy is then taken as a prisoner and kept. These monster moslems shoot the defenceless soldiers in the legs, chop their legs and hands off when the person is alive and defenceless. They have no mercy since they do not have humanity.
      They talk peace yet they want war. Mr. President, please do not be a fool and follow the fantasy of peace, in this case, it is not applicable since Moslems do not follow Jesus Christ and they do not ever show mercy to their enemy. They mutilate and chop when the person is not armed with a pistol, and the person will be killed in a most inhumane way. The leftists in your country will support the Moslems and condemn you. They state it is all your fault that the military and police went in to Mindinao to grab these international terrorists. What they received was shocking and deplorable ambush and killings.
      Moslems are animals. Treat them as such. Must get rid of them, or they will continue to multiply as rats, and now, you must realize, since they are already filipino, they can be anywhere in your beautiful country. Time is now to exterminate. Mr. President Noy Noy, would you like to be the person who is going to be chopped up, our would you rather have your enemy killed once and for all? Please have the Americans come in to help you and dont listen to the Liberals who want you to stop fighting the Moslems. Some of these politicians are pro Moslems or even Moslems themselves, and it is normal for them to stick together and support the Moslem Agenda to kill, mutilate and chop any infidels anywhere.





    3. Muslims are congenial liars. Don’t believe their rhetorics it’s nothing but an empty jargon. They pretend to talk peace in one hand, but they have a dagger on the other hand. Historically, how many times did they fool the government from the famous Muslim outlaw called Kamlon (remember?). When one of the Christian outlaws called “Tootpick” stood and fought back the Muslims they started to scamper like scared rats. The rest is now history. What we need now is the kind of bravery of the legendary “Tootpick” to annihilate these abusive Muslims. Someone from among the decisive non-Muslims to organize themselves into a cohesive vigilantes to counter the abuses of these Muslim terrorists and terrorize these terrorists. A tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye is the answer. In short, declare war against them – PERIOD. War may bring sufferings but give the Muslims what they had been wanting – trouble. Kayong mga “moklo” hindi makapagkatiwalaan.

    4. Eh kung pinigil nina Murad/ Jaffar/ Iqbal itong mga bomb-makers sa kanilang teritoryo, hindi ito naging problema. Sasabihin na naman ni Iqbal, hindi MILF kung hindi BIFF… pero magmalasakit naman sana sina Murad/Jaffar/ Iqbal sa mga civilians. Makakatulong ang MILF sa mga civilians sa Mamapasano, sa Basilan, sa Cotabato City… Murad/Jaffar are pretending innocence when true leaders will help stop these bomb-makers. “Board-and-lodging/with-bodyguard-services” is a business that eventually kills civilians of Maguindanao, Basilan, Jolo… Mindanao. Ano ba namang klase sina Murad at Jaafar?