• AFP silence admirable


    I was one of those who had committed myself to join the Million People March which turned out to be a very peaceful gathering of all sectors of society, the moneyed, the academe, youth, middle class, workers, employees, citizens of the republic who finally came out to denounce corruption and the misuse of the pork barrel.

    I likewise noticed that the Armed Forces of the Philippines are not issuing any statements with regards to the pork barrel issue.

    It is very obvious that the military is supporting the government’s campaign against corruption by being watchful and vigilant in their organization.  They have learned from the past wherein the AFP was placed in a precarious situation because of a few misfits who were embroiled in corruption practices.  Besides to involve the military in a political issue is far and irrelevant from their mission and function.

    It is also obvious that the AFP is an organization tasked to defend, protect and safeguard our people and nation and doing so by the provisions of our Constitution. And they are doing their job well in protecting our rights and freedoms.

    Such traits our soldiers now possess is admirable and it is getting stronger. It’s always good to know our soldiers are there to keep us away from harm, from the enemies of democracy and is strongly supporting our law-enforcers with the same tasks, duties and responsibility.
    Ferdie L. Chua


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