• AFP to finish off Sayyaf this year


    THE Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is sending more troops to Sulu to constrict the terrorist Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) and hopefully finish their terroristic activities by year-end.

    “That is our objective, that is our goal [before the year ends],” said Lt. Gen. Eduardo Ano, Army commander after he disclosed that two more battalions have been sent to Sulu.
    This brought to 10 the number of battalions sent to Sulu following the spate of kidnappings perpetrated by the ASG and the subsequent execution of two Canadian hostages, John Ridsdel and Robert Hall, not to mention the deployment of special units.

    ”Iyun, ang purpose dyan actually in the entire Sulu is ma-constrict natin yung movement ng Abu Sayyaf at yun nga we will force them to fight us or stop their illegal activities [That’s the main objection actually in the entire Sulu, to constrict the movement of the ASG and force them to fight security forces and stop their illegal activities].

    He disclosed that the government’s operation is for the long term: “Hindi lang naman ‘to short term ang ginagawa natin, programa ‘yan long term hanggang maubos, mawala yung Abu Sayyaf dyan sa Sulu [That’s the government operation. It is not just for the short term, but a long-term operation until we finish off the Abu Sayyaf in Sulu]” he added.

    According to Ano, resources will be poured into the strongholds of the group to achieve the military’s objective.

    The all-out offensives against the ASG are being complemented by civic military operations and bayanihan team activities.

    “So with the commitment being provided, with the commitment and support that will be provided by the President and his direction and order na talagang tapusin ‘tong Abu Sayyaf, kaya yan [To finish the Abu Sayyaf, that can be done],” Ano said.


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    1. Shabu Sayyaf on

      Comes the PNP: Kill the pushers and the dealers, spare the drug lords and their protectors. Now here comes AFP, constricting the Abu’s movement, but ignoring the whereabouts of the masterminds.
      The AFP might have mastered the science of goal-setting. Decimating the Abu’s have been AFP’s goals since the birth of this terrorist group. It’s been years, and the AFP is back to the stage of goal-setting.

    2. Ignacio Balbutin on

      The attacks should be relentless and sustain. Use all the military assets, air, land and sea. Carpet bomb their location before sending the infantry to minimize casualties. Sealed all escape routes especially by sea by sending all accquired assets just like the attack helicopters with night vision and the newly aured cutters and fighter jets

    3. Sana walang magtaksil sa mga matataas na opisyal ng mga sundalo, upang tuluyan ng mawala ang ABU…

      Wala na sanang sabwatan.. sa mga elit na namumuno sa gobyarno. (currupt)

      Go… DU30…Go….

    4. The biggest question in my mind is this ASG numbers 600 to 800 soldiers. There are 10 battalions of soldiers that must be a few thousand soldiers. How come the Aquino government was not able to stop them. We have brilliant officers from the PMA, some of them was sent to the US for more knowledge in guerilla warfare. How come they are ASG still creating havoc. The only newer, the government was not committed to put in more resources to combat them. The military was not push and not motivated to stop ASG. some officers are also receiving money for the ransom paid. Let us face it, Pnoy is a weakling.

    5. That should be the Battle Cry of the Republic this year: “Finish the Abu Sayyaf” . To all the Members involved. God Bless you all. To some who will probably make the ultimate sacrifice, my prayers and thought. May the Good Lord keep and Bless your families.