• After Berth



    In the city we conquered
    In our dreams,
    We will make love to each other

    Teeth to skin,
    Fingers on bones,
    Hips to the cement floor,

    All the jagged edges
    Of our untamed youth.

    This city will succumb
    As we give birth

    To a love that knows
    No forgiveness.


    The darkness
    Of my hair overcomes
    Your white skin.

    I wait for the first light
    To land on your shoulders.


    The violence of rush hour
    Does not bother

    Your eyes,
    They remain closed.

    All belief is suspended:
    Safety is no longer a man-made concept.
    In the tiny spaces,

    Where my hair brushes your skin,
    There we have been alive

    For a thousand years.


    In the curve between my neck and shoulder,
    You will reconsider
    The resolutions made.

    As the train crosses borders, time becomes
    A vacant concept

    As your fingers tighten their grip around mine,
    We have reached a concession

    And our love
    Will no longer need words


    This morning,
    We have discarded our names.

    In our pockets, ashes
    Of the villages we burned.

    We have no laughter left
    For tomorrow.


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