• After ‘Goodbye Lenin’, a Berlin resurrection


    BERLIN: Buried and long forgotten, the head of a giant Lenin statue is set to make a comeback in the German capital a quarter-century after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Soviet leader will gaze again on the people when the 3.5 ton piece is resurrected from its current grave—a sandpit under a pile of rocks home to a colony of lizards. The goateed head of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, alias Lenin, is to be unearthed, trucked across Berlin and displayed in a line-up of historical sculptures marking the end of an odyssey that started in the Cold War. A similarly oversized bust of Lenin starred in the award-winning 2003 comedy-drama “Good Bye Lenin!”, showing the Russian revolutionary leader suspended from a helicopter, unceremoniously carted over the roofs of a reunited Berlin.



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