• After red tide, fish kill looms in Dagupan City


    The City Agriculture Office (CAO) in Dagupan City has warned milkfish (bangus) growers to take precautionary measures against a possible fish kill or tangok.

    City agriculture officer Emma Molina explained that at this time of the year fish kills are prevalent as the temperature underwater changes with the season.

    Molina said that based on past experience, the fish kill usually happens at the end of cold season when the summer season starts.

    “The presence of red tide toxin this early implies the changes underwater that are mostly followed by a series of neap tide and eventually if we are not cautious fish kill might occur,” she said.

    Neap tide is a phenomenon wherein dissolved oxygen in the water is lower than normal, making it difficult for fishes to breathe, thus they gasp for air above the water, which could result in fish kill.

    Molina advised fish growers to watch their fishes, especially the amount of feeds that they eat. Feeds, if not consumed, add to water pollution.

    “Fish growers should also avoid overstocking a pond or cage beyond its capacity,” she said.
    Meanwhile, Molina assured that the supply of milkfish in the city will be enough for the expected higher demand this Lent alongside the Bangus Festival.

    “Since these occasions were annually observed many of the growers have already prepared, so we are anticipating that the supply will be enough just like the past years where no shortage was recorded,” Molina said.

    The supply of bangus in the market has stabilized in the past weeks compared to January and the first weeks of February when stocks decreased by two to three tons due to the cold weather that hampered the growth of the fish.

    “We told them [fish growers]to take double caution,” Molina said.



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