• After the White House and whitewash, is it jail for Purisima?


    Will the Office of the Ombudsman prove its “independence” by filing all appropriate charges against suspended policeman Alan Purisima for usurping the authority of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas and Philippine National Police (PNP) officer-in-charge Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina?

    What is the deal now that Purisima agreed to take the blame and whitewash President Noynoy’s culpability for the massacre of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos in Mamasapano last January 25?

    In December, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales raised eyebrows when her office ordered the preventive suspension of Purisima in connection with an anomalous PNP contract.

    Not quite a few believed it may have been intended to fail and designed only to appease the public outcry against an abusive PNP chief.

    Purisima was suspended from the service but only as PNP chief.

    Noynoy himself clearly violated the Ombudsman’s order, by allowing Purisima to call the shots at the PNP-SAF operation Exodus despite his suspension.

    Unfortunately for Noynoy, his dawg was bound to screw up and fail, dragging his administration to self-destruction, which had began with the uncovering of the hideous Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

    Noynoy and Purisima’s perversion led them to Madugo na Daan sending the SAF contingent to a suicide mission “Oplan Exodus” in a terrorist-stronghold controlled by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in Maguindanao.

    Noynoy and Purisima targeted the 6 million-dollar man Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan, a Malaysian operative of the Jemaah Islamiyah.

    Noynoy agreed with or ordered Purisima to keep Roxas and Espina in the dark so they could claim the credit for themselves.

    Erstwhile SAF commander Director Getulio Napeñas blindly followed illegal orders from Purisima which he knew really came from his ultimate boss, President Aquino.

    Though the SAF assault team eliminated Marwan, the ill-conceived and ill-motivated resulted in a horrific outcome.

    The outnumbered SAF troopers were trapped, surrounded by hundreds of MILF and their BIFF comrades.

    Noynoy ignored Napeñas’ calls for help and abandoned the SAF, 44 of whom were murdered by barbaric MILF guerrillas.

    Malacañang blames the whole tragedy to “lapses” committed by Purisima and Napeñas.

    The world watched as multiple “fact-finding” and “independent” probes ended shamelessly with a whitewash of Noynoy’s glaring culpability.

    But will Purisima now be charged and jailed?

    Well, make sure it’s a “white jail!”

    While the nation awaits true justice for SAF 44, Noynoy’s moro-moro with the MILF and his all-epal war with the BIFF are surely dooming the prospect for true and lasting peace in Mindanao.

    For its defense, the MILF claims “misencounter” that lasted eight hours or so. Some say 12 hours.

    It also maintains it “did not know Marwan nor his right-hand man Basit Usman,” who escaped the SAF assault.

    Until the MILF surrenders its men responsible for the massacre of SAF 44, the separatist group cannot prove its good faith in forging a peace deal.

    No amount of media blitz by Malacañang “spin masters” will sell the multi-agency whitewash-coverup of the Mamasapano massacre in the minds of the people.

    No amount of propaganda will sell Noynoy’s baby BBL, too.

    Still, looks like Noynoy is decided to subject us to what he simply does best—lie and mislead to the very end.



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    2. Sonny Dela Cruz on

      Lumabas din ang tunay na ugali ni Mar Roxas. Hindi naman pala tunay na friend ni PNoy dahil unti-unti na niyang iniiwan sa ere si PNoy. Ayaw natin ng ganyang klase ng kaibigan

    3. Kaya wala talagang amor ang taumbayan kay Mar Roxas, sinungaling kase. Remember noong una sabi niya wala siyang alam sa Mamasapano clash, yun pala aware naman siya at nainform.Sus!

    4. He should be jailed & he should also forfit all benefits & entitlements. That to me is a no brainer but in the philippines will it happen, well your guess is as goos as mine. Pnoy will try to protect him as usually they all try to protect each other.

    5. The one thing that I can determine from all of this is that the Aquino knows that if it does not stick together, they will all hang separately. They coverup and lie at every occasion.

    6. The Ombudsman “Lick-asses” led by CONCHITA CARPIO MORALES will not only defend PNoy and Purisima out of the Mamasapano carnage but to release them from blame, responsibility, obligation and punishment.

    7. The BBL will give the MILF group huge governmental and financial powers which later on it will use to undermine the Central National government authrority and sovereignty. MILF demand for its own police forces, taxation, audit and independent foreign affairs policy all based on the Sharia Laws. Such power grant is in direct contradiction with the Constitution and existing national laws, hence, unconstitutional and must not pass. It is mandatory that the peace negotiation must include all stakeholders, MUSLIM tribes like Tausaugs, Magindanaoan, and others and Non-Muslims inhabitants of Mindanao. There is already the AARM autonomous government of Mindanao with its own tax revenues and local officials, and the BBL must only to be rolled into the AARM, to be inclusive of all MINDANAOANS. MILF is just a secessionist breakaway group of MNLF, with other splinter MUSLIM factions just fighting each other to grab the power and financial gravy to finance their fanatic MUSLIM States and ideologue. Congress, Executive and JUdiciary must be strongly vigilant and cognizant of the adverse ramifications and intentions of the Muslim leaders which remain questionable since eons ago! Guard closely to maintain a strong country PHILIPPINES with MINDANAO region as a permanent territory of the country!
      BBL must be junked and MILF and MNLF be controlled and put on leash; while eradicating the BIFF and it’s like organization. AFP and PNP must be made stronger and fully rearmed and retrained to meet the threat of renegade fanatic MUSLIM secessionists!

    8. Mr. Tulfo I share the same sentiments that you share in this article. I am sure millions of other filipinos will have the same analogy. The concern moving forward is how do we stop or how do we remove Mr. Aquino from his position. It is evident that he can not effectively handle his job and to let him continue for the remainder of his term is a grave mistake for our country.Popular opinons creates a scenario where our government should let Mr. Aquino finish his term because in an event he steps down or removed from office the person that will be replacing him is seen as a worse choice because of corruption charges.It seems that walang panalo ang mga filipino sa problemang ito sa ating gobyerno.I think anything that comes out of Pres. Aquino can be considered a lie and he no longer has the ability to inspire the young and older citizens of our country. He is a loyalty to his friend Gen. Purisima is unquestionable but his loyalty to his country and people is totally misplaced.If he does hara-kiri then I’d regain respect for him otherwise I just wish he does not send anymore soldiers and policemen to a death mission or anymore typhoon victims to die in hunger and in their injuries because of incompetence and his lack of ability to deplore timely help when help is needed.