• Again, the making of a myth: Erap’s last hurrah


    Senator Grace P. Llamanzares’ speech the other day “offering” herself as our next President was unexpectedly quite impressive. Her oratory would be the final nail on Manuel Roxas II political coffin, and for Vice President Jejomar Binay a loud wake-up call.

    As the myth of Benigno Aquino 3rd as the prince of the Yellow Righteous Path has unraveled, comes another myth-making episode in our county’s political history—although the more precise term would be hoaxes-for-some-purported-noble-purpose.

    A myth is a myth because the false pillars making it up aren’t easy to spot. But we are fortunate that the gullible editors of an internet-only news outfit, rappler.com, wrote an introduction to the text of Llamanzares’ speech that conveniently allows us to uncover the elements of this new myth of the Avenging Daughter. The rappler.com introduction went as follows (emphasis mine):

    “Senator Grace Poe declared on Wednesday night her presidential bid, promising to pursue the mission of her late father to help the poor.

    “I wanted to continue what my father FPJ had started,” said Poe. Actor Fernando Poe J. ran for president in 2004, but he was widely believed to have been cheated by President Gloria Arroyo.

    Political observers considered it proof of voters’ support for FPJ when Grace Poe topped the 2013 senatorial elections. After the public noticed her fearless probe into anomalies in the management of the Metro Rail Transit and the Philippine National Police, Poe started topping presidential preference surveys.”

    The myth’s first false pillar: “She will pursue the mission of her late father to help the poor.”

    Man behind the myth? Left, Mayor Estrada; right, Senator Llamanzares. Inset, “Best friends forever” young men Erap and FPJ.

    Man behind the myth? Left, Mayor Estrada; right, Senator Llamanzares. Inset, “Best friends forever” young men Erap and FPJ.

    Llamanzares’ adoptive father, Fernando Poe Jr. was by all accounts, even by my source who was very close to him, “a nice man”, a regular guy who was good to his friends.

    But he just minded his own business, and his hobbies were to escape to his farm to work-out before movie shooting, and drinking cases of beer with friends in some Class B Chinese restaurant, as he loved Chinese food as his pulutan.

    Like another celebrity Dolphy, he was never interested in politics, as his bosom friend Joseph Estrada was, and he never cared about social causes. To claim he had a “life’s mission” to help the poor is to claim that Derek Ramsey is a Marxist revolutionary.

    What did FPJ start?
    Second fallacy of the myth: “I wanted to continue what my father started, “ Llamanzares said, referring to FPJ’s bid for the presidency in the 2004 elections.

    Did FPJ in one of his beer-guzzling sessions in 2004 suddenly have a St. Paul-like revelation from the God Almighty, to repent and help the poor? Did he suddenly see his riches and fame as empty vanities of this world, and decided to lead the Philippines to prosperity?

    I don’t think even the rappler.com editors would even believe that.

    By 2003, the trial for plunder of FPJ’s closest friend, Joseph Estrada, was unexpectedly proceeding fast, with witnesses standing by their ground, documents presented, and the prosecution – manned by the best private trial lawyers – was pinning Estrada down in every hearing. He would be the very first person to be tried and convicted for plunder, and nobody doubted he would be convicted the penalty for which is lifetime imprisonment.

    Undaunted by the mass attack on Malacanang, the so-called EDSA Tres, the INC’s requests for Estrada to be freed, and the coup attempts by megalomaniacs like now-senator Antonio Trillanes IV, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo stood her ground, and made clear she would not interfere with the trial, although she did give Estrada the proper courtesy he deserved as a former President of the Republic.

    Estrada had become despondent and desperate. He was becoming almost psychotic after the several episodes of a noisy helicopter landing by his stockade in the middle of the night to whisk him off to some secure secret place. This was the SOP of the security forces whenever there was a coup attempt or even just rumors of a coup, according to them, to prevent Estrada from being some kind of rallying figure.

    I was told at that time by several sources that Estrada begged FPJ: “Rani, kung manalo biling presidente si Gloria, mabubulok ako dito sa kulungan habang buhay. Kilala mo ako, mamamatay ako dito.” Estrada with misty eyes stared at FPJ and asked him, “Ikaw lang ang pwedeng tumalo kay Gloria. Wala kang gagastusin. Ako ang bahala. Tutal buhay ko ang nakasalalay dito.” (Rani, if Gloria [President Arroyo] wins [in the 2004 elections], I will rot in jail my whole life. You know me, I will die here. It is only you who can defeat Arroyo. You will not spend anything, I’ll take care of all the expenses. After all, my life is at stake here.”)

    “With God’s grace?” Or Estrada’s?

    “With God’s grace?” Or Estrada’s?

    Despite his wife Susan’s and all of his friends’ objections (with some kind of prescience one of his friends even warned him he could die in the pressures of the campaign), FPJ gave in to Estrada’s pleadings. One source however said it wasn’t entirely out of friendship: FPJ had been telling friends that he was sad his box-office appeal seemed to be fading, as young Filipinos were tired of Filipino action movies and had come to prefer romance drama.

    Mission: Free Estrada
    FPJ’s mission was to free his bosom friend Estrada. That it was to help the poor is hogwash.

    The Third fallacy in the myth: “FP was widely believed to have been cheated by President Gloria Arroyo.” This is a lie rappler.com has been repeating in every single news report on Llamanzares.

    How could FPJ win when he refused to participate in the presidential debate everyone was calling for? How could he win when he didn’t want to be interviewed that editors and reporters started to hate him, and especially after he lost his temper when he scolded a TV broadcaster before a camera with him (FPJ) speaking as a background? How could FPJ win, when the entire EDSA II forces – that is, nearly all of the elite – threw their resources against FPJ’s elections, knowing that if he won, Estrada would be released, and come back to power with a vengeance?

    Several businessmen and leaders of EDSA II, aware of the killing during Estrada’s regime of such personalities as publicist Bubby Dacer and the Pagcor employee Robert Bentain, who had leaked the CCTV tapes of Estrada playing poker in the casino and even told me they feared for their lives if he came back to power.

    That “Hello, Garci” thing? If Garcellano did the 2004 cheating, wouldn’t that have been proven in the last five years by a president so obsessed in keeping Arroyo in jail and demonizing her. The truth is that Garcellano was already a has-been at that time and already had an infamous reputation that he had become a pariah in the Comelec and in Mindanao. To her regret though, Arroyo wanted to complain to Garcellano about reports that FPJ’s forces had managed to cheat in Maguindanao, the Comelec official’s bastion.

    Arroyo’s running mate Noli de Castro had a mass following, even as FPJ’s popularity had actually been fading fast with the youth, most of whom had never seen his films. The INC threw their support behind Arroyo which meant – as exist pols would reveal – a solid 800,000 vote for her. Of course the El Shaddai and Catholic Church organizations supported Arroyo, knowing that FPJ was just a proxy of a womanizing, drunkard president who was being tried for plunder.

    Three pre-election surveys by the Social Weather Station and PulseAsia showed Arroyo leading by 6-7 percentage points or 3 to 4 million votes. I would think it was Arroyo who was cheated.

    And these rappler.com editors claim FPJ “was widely believed to have been cheated by Arroyo.” Where on earth were these people in those years?

    The fourth fallacy in the myth-making exercise, which however unwittingly reveals Llamanzares’ political clout: “Political observers considered it proof of voters’ support for FPJ when Grace Poe topped the 2013 senatorial elections,” the rappler.com nonsense put it.

    There here were indeed 11.8 million Filipinos who voted for FPJ, 1.1 million less than the 12.9 million who voted for Arroyo, according to the official Comelec results. While you may call it “voters’ support,” it only demonstrated celebrity power that subverts democracy. How could they vote for FPJ when he hardly said a word on what he would do as president?

    Voting for Panday
    They were voting for Panday, not FPJ, who after all they knew practically nothing about, other than his being wed to another celebrity star Susan Roces and was San Miguel beer’s most popular endorser. They were voting for that comic strip hero in Spandex pants and with a magical sword, or that jeepney driver who always had a cheap face-towel slung around his neck, not for the beer-guzzler who was fond of Boss and Prada jeans and lived in the posh Greenhills Village.

    It is the same confusion over what’s real and what’s in the movies that got Llamanzares the most number of votes in the Senate race, not some intelligent choice on who should be the best president.

    It is also involves that thing called “name-recall.” Even if voters tried to evaluate the qualification of each and every candidate for the Senate, almost always they would be left with three to four empty slots for senator in the ballot. But the household name “Poe” will pop up in their heads, and with the feeling that they don’t want to waste their vote, write Poe in one of the blank lines.

    Llamanzares though is certainly a big improvement over her father, first in terms of her oratorical skills, which she learned in participating in debate clubs in college. The fact that her mother is an actress is also an asset, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she went through acting classes recently for her to emote so well as she did when she gave her speech.

    Llamanzares would be able to do what FPJ couldn’t: She will eat both Roxas and Binay alive in a presidential debate.

    Her second improvement: advised obviously by the wily Senator Francis Escudero, she has built her persona beyond the FPJ-daughter image. “The public noticed her fearless probe into anomalies in the management of the Metro Rail Transit and the Philippine National Police, Poe started topping presidential preference surveys,” the rappler.com gushed over her.

    But did she do anything to expose the corruption in the MRT-3 that is the cause of its horrible condition and require it to undertake changes to improve its services? More intriguingly, why did she not report to the Senate itself the findings of her committee on the Mamasapano massacre, so it could be a Senate-adopted report?

    In these two investigations, was she just at that time nudging Aquino to choose her as his candidate and junk Roxas?

    Myths put our rational mind in check, and provoke even among the educated emotional responses. I’m sure Llamanzares the other day got many in audience to have misty eyes. Myths serve to make us believe the unlikely, that this lady who renounced her country of birth (and of adoption) has come from the other side of the world to be the president of that nation and save it.)

    But we’ve been there before, have done that–or have we easily forgotten Aquino 3rd in 2010?

    Aquino 3rd’s myth was that he was Cory’s revenge against Arroyo for not stepping down when she demanded so in 2005 with the voices of the Hyatt 10.

    This time it is not really FPJ’s revenge, but Estrada’s. He has brought Llamanzares to the INC to convince it to support her. He introduced her in a party for FPJ’s birthday as the “next President.” He has reportedly asked his usual Chinese business supporters like William Gatchalian to build her campaign kitty.

    A wily fox Estrada continues to be, he didn’t appear in Llamanzares’ coming-out party. But when Congressman Ronaldo Zamora, his biggest business supporter William Gatchalian (represented by his son), and the actors and actresses are there, it is Erap’s party.

    I’d be very worried if I were Aquino. Did he think Erap would take likely his son’s jailing, and just be happy with being Manila mayor?

    Llamanzares is Erap’s revenge and last hurrah.

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    1. Chiz Llamanzares Poe on


    2. Herman Hondojare on

      Dear Mr. Roberto Tiglao,

      You have hit the very core of true facts about FPJ running for president is to bailout Joseph Estrada if he did win, FPJ helping people is only on his movies entertaining us and not in reality.

      Keep us educate more about Grace Poe ng malaman ng taong bayan sino sya ano ang pagkatao nya, isa syang tusong tao at makasarili tulad ni BS Aquino lalo maghirap ang samabayang pilipino pag sya maging presidente.

      Patnubayanan ng Diyos ang Pilipinas

    3. i am sure of one thing in gloria arroyo – EVEN IF SHE DID NOT CHEAT, SHE WOULD HAVE STILL WON. never in the history of philippine presidential elections have the actual results disagreed with the exit polls. gloria won the earlier surveys just before the elections. she also won in the exit polls.

      gloria may be corrupt but at the very least she wasn’t a hypocrite like the abnoy in malacanang now.

    4. I hope Mr. Tiglao would look also into how Poe circumvent her citizenship issue and how the Escudero Law firm handled that issue That in 2006, Escudero was already involved with Grace including rearranging her birth certificate and now the are in tandem. In David’s statement it seems Poe has been groomed for Presidency as early as 2006.

    5. matalinongungoy on

      Ang tanung ko lang sino sa mga ang candidate ang lesser evil kung boboto ka ngayon. Between Mar & Binay,or Binay vs Poe or Mar vs Poe. Unless tatakbo ang devil Duterte as we know this man can deliver good governance. Kahit nga daw mapunta sya sa impyerno basta maayos ang maiiwanan nya. :)

      • Fernando poe is a very good actor period. Nobody can deny that. But to be president of this corrupt country, i seriously doubt that. Herdaugther is also doubtful candidate. Notice her reaction on the INC debacle. One can measure a good ship captain during typhoon encountering storms at sea. Miss poe failed in this test during the INC debacle.

    6. For once Mr Tiglao, I salute for your this write up. Kudos to you. Confirms my belief that FPJ run to save his scumbag friend. Poetic justice ????

    7. This article is itself filled with myths about GMA vs Erap. Erap was convicted on evidence supplied by false witnesses. Clarissa Ocampo was not a member of the account management team handling the P3 Billion Dichavez account aka Jose Velarde account, therefore who gave her the authority to go to Malacanang that day to deal on behalf of that account? Jaime Dichavez was a real person. Chavit deposited the “jueteng money” in the Muslim-Erap Youth foundation which is not Erap’s bank account but a foundation for Muslim scholars that was accepting donations from the public, like ABS-CBN foundation, which is not Gabby Lopez’ personal bank account even if its his foundation. Why Chavit did not deposit it in the “Jose Velarde” acount is a mystery GMA’s minions did not bother to explain. The lawyer in charge of the running the foundation whose name I forget who was jailed for years during the trial was declared not guilty but Erap who was not even a signatory to the checks of the foundation and never received a single cent from the foundation was judged guilty? There was not a single government contract or even document signed by Erap that was anomalous, since they would have mercilessly used it against him if one existed. Erap was framed and the Sandiganbayan was complicit in this conspiracy, period. The reason the Sandiganbayan refused Erap’s request to have his trial televised like the impeachment trial in the Senate was because the questionable facts had to be concealed from the public. If GMA did not cheat, why did they refuse to open even a single COC during the canvassing, making immortal in the process the word “noted” which was the constant reply made by the yellow lackey Mr. Sharon Cuneta to the demands of FPJ’s allies? A reading of the transcripts of the Garci tapes will clearly show that they were talking about their plans to cheat. It even had GMA acquiescing to Garci’s plan to abduct a woman who was threatening to blow the whistle on their operation!! Now, will somebody please explain why GMA needed three years of re-enacted budget is she was not corrupt?

      • as to re-enacted budget of arroyo, the best person to answer your question will be lolong este the senate president and the speaker of the house. congress did not pass the budget presented by arroyo thus the previous year’s approved budget became operative.

      • Jose A. Oliveros on

        If Erap was not really guilty as you claimed, why did he accept the pardon offered by GMA and not pursue his appeal to the SC to validate his claimed innocence? Acceptance of pardon is admission of guilt.
        All COCs were opened during the canvass by the National Board of Canvassers composed of members of the Senate and the House of Representatives. If the COCs were not opened, there was no means for the NBC to tally the votes received by the presidential candidates in 2004. Furthermore, under pertinent laws and existing jurisprudence, the board of canvassers cannot go beyond the contents of the COC.

      • Why wont you accept the pardon if you know the whole thing is rigged against you? In case you don’t know, the Sandiganbayan court that tried him was a specially assembled court whose justices were all handpicked, instead of a regular Sandiganbayan division. GMA did not want to take her chances with a raffle so Erap’s case was the only case in the history of the Philippine Republic that was not raffled off to a regular court like all cases from the lowest court to the Supreme Court. That alone should be enough to tell you that Erap was the captive of a kangaroo justice system that was out to crucify him guilty or not guilty. GMA did not cheat? So what was Mr. Sharon Cuneta replying “noted” to repeatedly during the canvassing? And please read the transcript of GMA’s conversation with Garci. Believe it or not, the transcript is more reliable than any SWS survey you have ever come across with. As for GMA’s re-enacted budget, the Speaker was De Venecia and the Senate President was Drilon. Need I say more?

    8. Agree Mr Tiglao, any idea how will local politics in San Juan if Erap will support Grace. I read in some article its Estrada vs the Zamora.

      Thank you

      • yes you are correct with regards to san juan politics. i heard thru bubwit of deo macalma that the son of ronnie who is the present vice-mayor will run for mayor of san juan against the number 2 wife of erap. kaya nagwawala si jv ejercito according to news reports. ang irony ay kung manalo yung anak ni ronnie at natalo si erap as mayor pero nanalo si poequino, ano na si erap?? heard deo macalma said a few weeks ago that erap is number 3 in the survey for mayor of manila. dondon bagatsing is number 1

    9. this time, i beg to disagree.. with the point raised – “with ronnie zamora and gatchalian
      present in poe”s launch, it’s erap’s party”. erap’s mistress guia will be challenged by zamora’s son in the san juan mayoral race. how would that make sense?
      am no poe, nor erap nor rappler fan but it seems i got lost in the presentation…or am just too naive a political observer?

    10. The scary part is that many pinoys are not known to be ‘thinkers’ during the elections. They’re pragmatic: when given money, they vote the giver.
      Or, are many pinoys just that hungry?

    11. When money pour like rain in 2016 presidential election, the highest bidder wins, known facts in Philippine politics.

    12. The Philippines has one traitor too many, from BS Cojuangco Aquino III, who openly embrace the enemy of the state over his military, who are the true defenders of the state. Then for Philippines to have another follow the same path, who renounced her Filipino citizenship, in exchange for a green card, and to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, only to conveniently reacquire her Filipino citizenship when she got noticed by the yellows as their heir apparent to the highest seat in government.

      It is quite a good guess that nationalism in Filipinos is dead, and this is the real cause of the downfall of our country, looking at our Asian neighbors, there is truly that national pride, they are not afraid to rise up against their government, when their national interest is at stake or in peril from being jeopardized.

      If, Llamanzares wins and later to be disqualified because she is like a worm in the midst of the pit of venomous snakes, guess who will be seen holding the bag? It will be the one, who had his ambition come to fruitation without the winning partner evening see it coming – in magic that is what is often referred to as ‘misdirection’.

      It is better for Philippines to wait, for other candidates who would be filling their candidacy, this coming month of October, to select a more viable leader who does not announce their ‘independence’ but are under a certain political party influence, before casting their lot on any one of these three stooges vying to be president of the republic, because it reeks of hypocrisy.

    13. a victory by Grace Poe would be the final proof that universal suffrage is a failure as far as our country is concerned as a majority of the voters are morons easily won by popularity emotional gimmicks…

      • Sorry to disagree, most voters are not morons ,they are just uneducated and gullible when receive money from candidates. Advice to candidates, do not use the poor and the have not in your campaign slogans because i am an educated pilipino. I do not know what your intentios are but i am sure that it is not to help the poor.

    14. Yes, you are right Mr. Tiglao. I think kung ano ang sinapit ni FPJ ay yun din ang sasapitin ni Grace. She will lose.

      • Beg to disagree, there is a big possibility that grace poe will win. I will not vote for poe but majority of pilipinos are star struck with celebrities.

    15. Unknown to many, the late FPJ often used his gun to shoot when drunk. One of the incidents was in a Makati bar.

    16. We’ve been fooled in 2010.
      Are we going to be fooled again
      in 2016 by this ambitious neophyte.
      Can a hyped popularity and deception will lead us to a
      government we deserved?

      • We have not reach that political maturity yet sorry to say. The next 6 years will be full of disappointments. There is no candidate that are truthful and truly loves this country.

    17. Indeed, what did FPJ start that Grace wants to continue when nobody could decipher what he was running for. Indeed, FPJ’s campaign message was notable for his one liner, ” … Puso lang , Pare ” to explain what he was running for during a very rare instance that he consented to reply to this very crucial question. Indeed, Erap will be the high priest while Chiz , as vice-president, will serve as the vizier in a Llamanzares presidency with the latter eventually assuming the presidency himself once President Llamanzares is disqualified for not being a natural- born Filipino.
      Llamanzares justified her use of UP Bahay Alumni as venue for proclaiming her presidential ambition by claiming she was also a product of the UP school system. I thought she studied in Assumption and in the US . Rappler which went out of its way to unravel the scholastic claims of Senators Marcos and Recto may likewise wish to enlighten us on Llamanzares’ educational background? Acting skills? Of course, Llamanzares has acting pedigree, at least on her mother side. She even appeared as a child actress in Totoy Bato and in few other movies where FPJ was the actor. Debating skills? It will indeed be very interesting if a series of presidential debates is organized among these three self-proclaimed presidential candidates. Being a good reader is different from being able to cite figures and statistics , argue logically , refute counter arguments and concisely present her position on her feet without staff assistance or TelePrompter. These debates will also illuminate and give substance to the “how” more than merely the “what” of her 20-point agenda. A myth, when nipped in the bud, becomes a fleeting shooting star which sooner rather than later loses its glitter.

      • “Erap will be the high priest while Chiz , as vice-president, will serve as the vizier in a Llamanzares presidency with the latter eventually assuming the presidency himself once President Llamanzares is disqualified for not being a natural- born Filipino.”

        Nagtatanong lang po, kung maging presidente at ma-disqualify si Grace, paanong magiging presidente si Chiz? Hindi po pa yung pangalawang kandidato bilang presidente ang dapat?

    18. Perfectly written, it confirmed all my opinions on her cause to run, and of course, everybody knows fpj did nothing for the poor!!

      • You posted “everybody knows fpj did nothing for the poor”

        Sure ka? alam mo ba lahat ng ginawa ni FPJ? For you to say such thing na parang lahat ng galaw ni FPJ alam mo.

        Doing good towards the poor need not be advertised nor announced to the public.

        Sabi nga sa bible na kung gagawa ka ng kabutihan wag mo na paalam sa kaliwa mong kamay ang mabuting ginawa ng kanan.

    19. Grace Poe’s speech last declaration of her candidacy for president seems complicated and unattainable from her critics opinion. In my assessment she has shown that complexity become simple. Remember the mamasapano hearing. She was the head of the group but she made it look easy ,very organized compared to the congress version where they were very disorganized and look like they are in the market. Grace also said she can not tell everything of the details about her platform because of lack of time .But she reassured us that all the details will be done later in campaign trail .

      • Mr Lamon klaro sa plataporma ni g.llamanzarez ni cut and paste lang
        sa tuwad na daan ni penoy ang mga pinagsasabi niya. At sa huli
        pinuri pa niya si penoy na malayo na raw ang narating sa tuwad na
        daan sa anti kurapsiyon at sa progreso nakamit ng bansa sa ilalim
        ng pamamahala ni penoy. Halatang nagpaparating siya ng mensahe
        kay penoy na nagbabadia ng exchange deal, suportahan mo
        kandidatura ko at kung manalo ako makaka-asa kang hindi ko
        uusigin ang mga pinagagawang katiwalian at ang napakaraming
        labag sa batas na ginawa mo. Kabago-bago halatang naging
        TRAPO agad. grace Llamanzares kung matino ka at para sa
        bansa, ipakita mo ng kontra ka sa mga katiwalian na kitang
        kita mong nangyayari KALIWAT KANAN at walang takot na
        ginagawa ng mga alipores, gabinete, at ng mga taga custom.
        Lalong lumala sa ilalim ng pamumuno ni Penoy at hinigitan
        na walang takot ng mga ka KKK, at ayon sa mensahe mo
        kay penoy may proteksiyon sila kung ikaw ang mananalo.
        At sa plataporma na ginaya mo lang kay penoy magsabi
        ka ng kahit isa lang na natupad at ginawa niya para masabi
        mo na malayo na ang tuwad na daan. Hindi ka lang
        trapo bagkus napaka-SINUNGALING.

    20. Be that as it may, will vote for the Lady Senator given the choice of His Inefficiency Mar Roxas and the plunder-tarred VP Binay.
      Even if she is an American and not qualified to be in the Senate or to run for any office? Okay na lang ba na mga Amerikano, Intsik, Arabo, lahat na iba-ibang klaseng citizen ng foreign countries ang maghing senador at presidente?

    21. This article seems to indicate that the naivite’ of Ms. Llamanzares shows her level of intelligence; she is being used by Estrada and Escudero. This is on the assumption that she survives the disqualification case filed against her. I’ll never be surprised if she is will be disqualified even as a senator.

      The discussions in this column are very logical and quite conclusive. It’s a blessing that there are writers, like Mr. Riglao. What’s happening in our country despite all the many intellectual leaders, members of the academia, religious and student leaders, we used to be proud of? Even our Congress has gone to the dogs!

      Al these have something to do with the economic condition of the country. Too many are deprived of their chances to make it in life that perhaps, they are prone to ‘fantisize’ the fact that Ms. Llamanzares can bring them to the ‘Promise Land’. Especially so, she ‘promised to continue what her adoptive “hero and savior-of-the- world father” started. Being in fantasy land, many Filipinos may now look forward to what her daughter will promise them. Aside from the world of make-believe, what has he started that she will continue? And how?

      However, how about the real world? What will she bring to the highest position of the land, where all the problems, local and international are real? The question of making or breaking this time is too real! Else, we’ll have another “so-so” or, student government, unable to come up to the needed reforms from crime to socio-economics, to international relations and political will. Let’s all be real before it’s too late!

      Right on, Mr. Tiglao, more power to you!

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        We cannot live in a world of fantasy or we go to the dogs. We should not allow ourselves to be fooled the third time around (1986, 2010 and 2016?). We have to do what is righteous and believe that God in His mercy will provide. God bless the Philippines.

      • I second the motion at your comment Pareng Dado Erandio. Ang mga records sa officina ng NSO ay hindi basta basta basta burahin not unless sadyahin nilang burahin. Kaya mag-ispip kababayan Filipino iboto ang karapat dapat na kandidato ng pag ka Presidente sa susunod na taon.

        thanks, bebot

    22. I have my doubt that Erap will support Grace Poe when the Zamora’s appeared in the announcement of Chiz Escudero. The Zamora’s are on collision course with the Estrada in San Juan. With the Gatchalian is because the NPC will support Grace Poe. If Bongbong Marcos runs for VP of Binay then the complex of the race will turn tables for Grace. I still doubt that the tandem of Grace and Chiz once the campaign starts. It is handling of campaign funds that will be great issue for both them. Just like in 2004, suspicion of pocketing funds are common in the movie industry personalities which the reasons why FPJ failed in managing.

    23. EXCELLENT AGAIN Mr. Tiglao ! I had been trying to explain the same thing TO ANYBODY WHO COMES MY WAY TALKING about the BIG LIE about the cheating of ARROYO vs. FPJ .. GOOD JOB AGAIN for FOLLOWING UP WITH Grace poe case … The truth of the fact is ,, grace poe cannot be president as compared to BbMARCOS .. WHAT WILL SHE DO as president .The Philippines will remain a LAUGHING STOCK sa buong MUNDO .. I KEEP PRAYING FOR YOU Mr. TIGLAO