Again, the President has proved himself to be a liar. What now?


ALL indications show that BS Aquino has a mental, psychological, psychiatric defect.

That he has the moral problem of being a compulsive liar has also been observed in the past—way before the Mamasapano Massacre.

His first big lies were about the growth of our economy. He claimed—and continues to claim—credit for the Gross Domestic Product rate of growth and the improving ratings being given to Philippine banks and the Philippine government by the credit rating companies. Yes, it was only when he became president that our country got investment-grade rating from Moody’s, Fitch and Standard and Poor’s. But the upward trajectory of our GDP growth had been set under the Macapahal-Arroyo presidency. And this was mainly due to our Bangko Sentral’s wise monetary and interest-rate policies and the unceasingly increasing amount of remittances from Overseas Filipino Workers to their families.

The OFW remittances keep increasing—even when times are bad here due to disasters or economic factors—because the OFWs, our overseas economic heroes, will never let their families suffer deprivation and hunger.

Aquino has displayed his being a compulsive liar more blatantly since the Mamasapano Massacre on January 25 in which 44 gallant PNP-SAF commandos were killed, some brutally, by the combined armies of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and it’s supposed-to-be break-away group, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters. Many suspect that the BIFF is really just a ploy of the MILF leadership to maintain a menacing and strong anti-government army while talking peace and pretending to decommission its regular soldiers.

Two weeks and two days ago, BS Aquino said that he was lied to by his best friend, Alan Purisima, the suspended Chief of the PNP (the Ombudsman had him suspended for corruption issues). Aquino was blaming Purisima for not telling him the truth about the grave dangers Oplan Exodus was placing the PNP-SAF companies into. But Purisima had to contradict Aquino, through his lawyer, who said that he (Purisima) had done everything that should be done according to the plan and that he had not lied to Aquino.

Then on Monday, at the live TV production in Malacañang that was labeled a Prayer Gathering, Aquino spoke lengthily about being lied to, this time not by Purisima but by the sacked former PNP-SAF Director, General Getulio Napeñas. Aquino said, in effect, that Napeñas had made him believe all was well with the mission to capture or kill the Malaysian terrorist bomber and bombing expert Marwan and his Filipino Muslim partner Basit Usman. He also said that if the dangers were so bad then Napeñas had performed incompetently as commander of the SAF companies because he should have aborted the mission. That does not clear Aquino, however, of failing to send reinforcement to the beleaguered and doomed SAF commandos.

These new claims that BS Aquino made on Monday, while leaders of Evangelical church groups were with him in Malacañang, were too convoluted and different from what he had been saying before. The claims contradicted testimonies and copies of text messages that had been made public during the House and Senate hearings.

As a result senators and congressmen have been dismayed by BS Aquino’s blabbering on Monday.

More painful and bitter were the comments made by widows, parents, children and other relatives of our Fallen 44 SAF Heroes yesterday at the Batasang Pambansa. They had gone to the Batasan to join 94 representatives in calling on the House leadership to resume the terminated hearings on the Mamasapano tragedy. Some of them said BS Aquino in his Monday speech had “shamelessly lied about what really happened.”

“We don’t believe that Napeñas would act all by himself. They [SAF 44] were going after an international terrorist. Somebody was behind him. It would be impossible that the President would not know about this [operation]because this concerns our national security,” Ruby Senin, widow of the late PO2 Romeo Valles Senin II, said in a press Conference at the Batasan

“Magsabi lang po siya (si Presidente) ng totoo. . . ’yung buong katotohanan.

Ayaw po namin ‘yung pagtuturuan. Para naman silang mga bata na turo ng turo . . . [We just want the President to tell the truth…the whole truth. We can’t stand the finger pointing. They are like children who love to point at each other when they do something wrong’,” Felicitas Nacino, mother of the late SAF commando Nicky Nacino of Isabela, said as fought back tears.

“Hindi po kami naniniwala sa Presidente. Paiba iba po ang sinasabi niya. Noon sabi niya hindi niya alam. Tapos naging alam niya pero di siya sinunod ni Napeñas . . . at kasama pa si Purisima eh samantalang suspended siya (We don’t believe the President because he has been changing his stories every now and then. He initially said he did not know about it, then claimed that Napeñas did not obey him…and Purisima is even involved even if he is suspended),” Telly Sumbilla, mother of the late PO3 John Lloyd Sumbilla, lamented.

In yesterday morning’s Failon Ngayon on DZMM teleradyo, the celebrated anchor played a special production of Freddie Aguilar’s recording of “Anak.” The song stopped after each stanza to allow video clips of Aquino giving speeches that show how he has been a bad son for ignoring the counsel of his parents. Has that gone viral on YouTube and Facebook?

So what do we do now—now that Aquino himself has shown himself to be unworthy of continuing to be President of the Philippines?


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  1. There is only one solution to the problem we are facing at this time and that to force abnoy to step down from Malakanyang and let NTC as custodian of the Government. PNP can do the initial move and Bayan will do the second move. The time is not after tomorrow but the right timing is now!

  2. i find the manila times the most credible among all broadsheets today … thanks for fearlessly bringing out the truth… money cant thwart your dedication to the truth and to the filipino people. keep going. we need your kind.

  3. Mr. President, please guard your words. Every time, people will make fun of you, it bleeds my heart. How can a highest official of the land be the center of mockery every time he opens his mouth. God bless the Philippines!

    • how can’t he be mocked ? he is creating the scene that makes people call him a blatant liar. how can you believe a president who changes his statements every to suit the crowd he’s with? . what do call such a man? perhaps of the many lies he said he lost track of his earlier pronouncements. he might have forgotten but the people who are for truth and for justice have them in their hearts and minds. he blubbered his way to keep himself off the hook .and the more he does ,the more he loses his credibility.

  4. Pnoy will go down in history as the most stupid and heartless president our country ever had. I will see to it that my future grandchildren will know the truth about this madman!

  5. Carl Cid Inting on

    What now? Lies, more lies and damnd lies? Isn’t that the way the administration operates?

  6. Aquino still follows the teaching of his parents. His parents said, do this and I’ll give you that. That is the same line he uses with every bribe he gives. He learned that one thing well.

  7. i have always said, dont mind him, let him go down in history as the worst liar of a president. then let us see to it that his nominees(liberal party o coalition) will get trashed i the polls, then let us give them a gift of lawsuits left and right. someone in our group once said” karma has no expiry date” dont ask for his resignation now, kasi the hepatitis army will accuse us of BINAYARAN!

    Reply: The problem with waiting for the next election is the control of the Smartmatic-PCOS machines of the process in the precinct level. Smartmatic’s techies can manipulate the program of the cards in the machines to count the ballots in a way that will make Aquino’s “party o coaltion” to win! Perhaps you never knew about this. There is no transparencyin the counting inside the PCOS machines and the machines choose to transmit or not to transmit precinct results to the canvassing center. We the voters don’t know what happens after w have inserted our filled ballots in the machine. The process is illegal and against the way Automated Elections should be done prescribed in our laws. So how can you guarantee that we can trash the Aquino candidates in the polls?

  8. Muriel Magtanggol on

    I don’t agree that he is a son who ignored his parents teachings. He looks like he was spoiled and not guided properly. He seems used to getting away with his lies that’s why even now, he thinks people buy his lies! The fact that he grew up “without a drive” to quote his dad, lazy, cate free and dependent on his mother tells us what kind of upbringing he had.

  9. “So what do we do now?”…I say let him be! let it unravel for all the world to see who truly this person is, a pretender,a hypocrite of the highest order and a clown. Karmic justice is already upon him by becoming the laughing stock of the whole country and soon the whole world!

  10. The editorial piece asks: “So what do we do now—now that Aquino himself has shown himself to be unworthy of continuing to be President of the Philippines?”

    Why, of course, the reply to that is simple. He has to STEP DOWN. In the first place, I have always pointed out that he was not really an elected president. by the people, but by the Hocus Pcos machines. So there should really be no stops for us to call for his STEPPING DOWN. Essentially, the Abnoy is just an illegal settler in Malacanang or in common parlance, a squatter. This means that we should have no qualms in serving him an EVICTION NOTICE. And the sooner this is done to this madman, the safer for all of us.

  11. Cres Malifier on

    What do we do now? Join the clamor to make Aquin step down and let the National Transformation Council rule and stop the control over Philippine elections of the treasonous Comelec-Smartmatic-PCOS machines,